Photo for Thought: Ordinary

Let’s be clear. Just because we run a blog does not mean that we are endlessly inundated with potential post content. We aren’t somehow exposed to more adventure or life or mishaps or creativity because we’ve got a post to put out. We’re just doing life just like you and sharing whatever adventure and mishaps and creativity that might come our way. But the truth is, most of our days are ordinary-nothing to blog about-sort of days.

Like today.

It’s Thursday. We, like you, can hardly believe we’ve made it this far and also struggle to comprehend that it’s already nearly the end of another week. Where has the time gone and why can it not go faster!? We’re getting up (probably earlier than we want to) and going to work and doing our jobs and dealing with the rain that won’t seem to quit and family stuff and trying to keep our diets clean and fit in those workouts. Just. Like. You.

Have we mentioned lately that we’re all in this together? Well, in case you forgot, we’re just here to remind you.

Be it adventure or mishap or struggle or triumph or just an ordinary Thursday near the end of June, we’re here for it.

And speaking of ordinary—Ordinary is way too often underrated. This is something we’ve definitely talked about before, but ordinary can be so lovely and so welcomed. We need to remind ourselves of that all the time. In a world where it seems that everyone is on vacation or getting married or having babies or starting new jobs every single day (thanks to social media) it’s so easy to fall into that trap of believing that our life just isn’t quite as wonderful. That somehow everyone else has it better or is at least getting a bit more excitement than us. And then, in a desperate attempt to keep up and spice up, we pack our days full of what everyone else is doing and waste away all of our ordinary in between life. The place where the most life—our life—actually happens. The sweet, simple, breathing in and out rhythm of our lives.

If we work so hard to pack everything in—all the things we think we should—we won’t ever learn that rhythm. We’ll miss our life—the one we’re supposed to have.

So we’re just here on this regular old Thursday to remind you to soak in the simplicity and ordinariness of today. To breath deep and look long on sleeping babes and running around rascals and cluttered kitchen counters and desks, and to soak it all in. Your life and your rhythm—to own and appreciate your ordinary. Not to worry, we’ll be over here doing the same.

Tidying up Your Heart

(My sentiments exactly Lincoln.)

I won’t lie—

The title of this article makes my chest tight. I keep thinking about sitting down to write this and it sort of stresses me out.

The first time this happens, I wonder why. I love cleaning and sorting and organizing—it’s like my favorite way to spend Friday nights. Cleaning is therapeutic for me. So why does the thought of it in this context make me want to curl up and check out?

So I think about it a little more, though I’d rather not. I think about the fact that I enjoy light cleaning. I like a little bit of vacuuming and some dishes and running a Clorox wipe over the surfaces. I like spending an hour or so straightening things up and getting them in order so I can enjoy my space for the weekend.

I dread deep cleaning. The kind of cleaning when you need to move the furniture away from the walls and stand on stools and get on your hands and knees. I realize rather quickly in this stream of thought that cleaning is really only enjoyable when it’s kept up with—when it’s maintenance. My dad used to tell me when I was young, that it’s easier to spend 30 seconds hanging up one shirt than your entire Saturday hanging up your whole closet. That’s always resonated with me really deeply and I’ve always held to that. I don’t like clutter and I prefer to do the light weekly cleaning so that the super deep cleaning doesn’t have to happen so often or take up so much of my time when it does.

I think this leads us to my tight chest at the thought of tidying my heart. The condition of our hearts is a lot like the condition of our room or our home—if we do the regular work of keeping it clean and organized and tidy, the deep cleaning isn’t required so often. The problem is that life happens and everything around us gets messy and chaotic and we don’t make time to tidy our hearts. Everything externally seems more pressing and important and we tell ourselves we’ll get around to our insides eventually—that they are somehow less of a priority. But then before we know it, lots of time has passed and we’ve put off the tidying and we find ourselves staring down a giant mess that we can no longer ignore or avoid and it completely overwhelms and paralyzes us from moving forward in any other capacity.

Think of your kitchen table for example. Day after day it collects whatever you’re carrying around. Mail that you don’t have time to look at, receipts from eating out, leftovers, your other purse, keys, schoolwork, empty glasses and used dishes. For a while it’s fine to eat on the couch and look away from the growing piles. But, eventually, there are no dishes left to eat off of and the bills that you buried are due—or past due— and you would love to have friends over for dinner or sit down to do homework….At some point you have to put everything else on hold (whether you want to or not) and clean the kitchen table. And since you’ve waited so long, the task only became more daunting. Who knows what mail is buried and what issues you’ll uncover. You find yourself wishing you would have just kept up with it and addressed things as they came—found places for them.

Our hearts are so much this way. Day after day they’re collecting what we’re carrying around. Arguments with loved ones, relationship stress, all sorts of emotions, thoughts about the world around us and God, attitude shifts and changes, hurts, fears, hopes, etc. We convince ourselves we don’t have time to face these things in the moment and we carry on making mental notes to come back to it later. But then later comes and life hasn’t slowed down, but the mess we’ve allowed to collect in our hearts won’t let us push forward any longer. It’s become those piles on the kitchen table that eventually catch up to us and stunt us in the rest of our lives.

Most of us have caught onto the Marie Kondo bug at this point (go check an episode out on Netflix if you haven’t yet) This is exactly what it’s about. Do the work on the front end—create space and purge the stuff that isn’t bringing you joy (in your home or in your heart) and just isn’t necessary in order to make space for the things that are. Give those things that bring joy the space they deserve. Take the time to maintain your heart with light cleaning. Find places in your day for reflection and addressing heart issues and attitudes and emotions. Tell yourself it’s important—just as important as external expectations. That in the long run, daily heart tidying and maintenance will allow you to keep going and functioning just as much as a clear kitchen table! You won’t have to shut down and give up a chunk of your time to clean the messes you ignored along the way.

I think in the beginning this feels hard. It seems like this takes more time than putting it off and doing it all at once. I think that’s a lie we tell ourselves in lots of areas of our lives. A lie Satan really hopes we believe and buy into. I think he’s hoping that he can distract us until the mess is so big and overwhelming that we might just feel too defeated to even try tackling it. Maybe he can manage to keep us neglecting all the little heart things until we think the space between us and Jesus is just too much to overcome. Maybe.

Or. We can decide that we will do the daily work of tidying our hearts. We can set up spaces and places for this and refuse to allow the mess to create space and distance between us and our Savior. We can.

And we’re here to support you in this! We’re here to remind you that these spaces in your day are essential even when everything and everyone around you are coming on heavy with the pressure and the guilt to believe otherwise. We want you to have healthy and tidy hearts where good things can find homes and grow and thrive!

Let us know what heart tidying looks like for you on the daily! We could always use some fresh perspective and inspiration ourselves!

10 Things to do at the Start of the Month

Oh my goodness does time fly! June has happened in a flash and to be honest, it is kind of leaving me in the dust. Personally, I need structure in my life. Not too much structure or else I will feel trapped, but enough to give me some support, you know? I need the check points to make sure I am staying on track with tasks, planning, goals, and even dreams. I need regular check ins with myself! When things start to speed up in my life it seems like chaos is sure to follow. So today this post is as much for myself as for anyone else, but I do hope it helps you as well!

Days too quickly turn to weeks, and weeks to months before we know it. That's why I 100% believe planning your week and your month is so important. I know it is for me! Are there months I miss this? Of course. And those are the months where I feel like I am running the whole month to catch up and still drop the ball in areas and get behind in others. I feel less intentional. More rushed. Less free. More scattered. The way to rectify this? Have a start of the month checklist. Now, this may not be your list exactly, but if nothing else, it may give you some direction for your own start of the month checklist.

1. Evaluate the Previous Month
Not gonna lie, this is one I pass over way too much. I am always on to the next, but it is so good to take time, reflect, and show some gratitude. I can take for granted so much. I overlook blessings, miss out on celebrating milestones, and forget to collect memories. I really want to get better at this! I know it will make me more grateful and have a better perspective. It's a lot more difficult to make small things into big things with a clear perspective.

One thing that has helped me tremendously in this area, is a section that is included in my current planner/calendar. On the page with the month at a view, there is a section at the bottom with the writing prompt, "What were the blessings in my life last month? What accomplishments am I proud of?" Whether that is a prompt in your planner or not, they are some great questions to answer every month!

2. Set Your Monthly Budget
Everyone handles their budget a little differently, so do what works for you! However you set and check in with your budget just make sure you are doing it regularly. This helps ensure you don't have any slow leaks in your budget or out of proportion budgeting. If there was some extra expenses last month, you can consider making some adjustments for the upcoming month.

Personally I set my budget every month. Like literally write it down. I know, I know, it is unnecessary with all of the templates and resources available online, but I am old school when it comes to budgeting. Every month is pretty much the same, but it does help me evaluate if I need to make any adjustments. I also check in with my budget weekly as well, so it is a huge time saver to have it all laid out for the month and I can just check in on it weekly to make sure I have everything taken care of.

3. Update Your Calendar
Pretty standard here. Make sure all of your appointments, meetings, birthdays, and other celebrations are all on your calendar. This would also be a good opportunity for you to take note of any birthday cards you need to get and send for the month. Again, I am a little crazy, but I usually put anything that requires me to be somewhere at a certain time in my phone as well as in my planner. I love being able to set reminders and even location reminders for those time sensitive responsibilities.

4. Plan Your Time with God
Like any relationship, you have to plan and prioritize for it to grow and flourish, so the start of the month is the perfect time to put first things first.

  • Choose the book of the Bible you are going to study / the reading plan you want to follow for your Bible reading. 
  • Prioritize your schedule to accommodate for Bible studies & other discipleship opportunities.
  • Know when you are going to spend time with God and how you are going to do it.
The less brain work involved means you will be less likely to overlook or under value this time, and less likely to get overwhelmed with the options.

5. Schedule Time for People
Alright, alright, another one I am not the best at... but I am working on it. Man, it is so easy to let relationships slip through our fingers. We take them for granted and miss out on the beauty that they bring to our lives. Girl, we got to make time for them!

The truth is we love having life-giving friendships. We are fueled and energized by them. But they take work. They time time. So we have to schedule time for them. Use the start of the month to send some texts and get dinners, coffee dates, phone chats, even group workouts scheduled. Let's get real, if we don't plan for them, they won't happen.

We also have to schedule time for people in the sense, we have to make room in our schedules to be generous with our time. We know we are called to love our neighbors, but truthfully, if we don't plan time for it, that won't happen either. Put in some gap hours to use for helping others, dropping in to visit with someone, or just being available. That right there is a rare art form that has never been more beautiful.

6. Schedule Time for Yourself
That's right! There needs to be time for you in that schedule of yours. I'm not saying every day or even every week has to be about "treating yo'self," but it needs to be in the month somewhere. Plan time to do things that give you life, whatever that looks like for you.

Believe it or not, self-care even looks like doctor appointments. How many people have you heard put off going to the doctor, dermatologist, dentist, etc. because they didn't have time. Those things are important and they are a part of taking care of yourself, so make sure they are on the calendar.

7. Set Goals for the Month
You know the drill, set some goals! Look ahead to the end of the month and write down the things you want to have accomplished. Seriously, little or big, write them down and go for them!

8. Clean Up Your Inboxes
Pretty straight forward. We know those inboxes get crazy cluttered and "ain't nobody got time for that." Spend some time at the end of the month to get those emails sorted, organized, and cleaned up. This can also apply to your voicemail, facebook inbox, Instagram DM, and text messages. Make sure you have followed up and tied up any loose ends that may have gotten put on the back burner. People will love you all that much more when you make the time to call them back and respond to unanswered messages.

9. Write Down What You are Believing God for
Come on now, what better way to build your faith and build your expectation than write down what you are believing God to do in the next 30-31 days!? This is important to me because I never want to take any prayer requests lightly. I am sure you have been asked by someone to pray for a need. With best intentions we agree. Sure we say a prayer, but by adding this to your monthly list of prayer needs, it will allow you to persevere in prayer. And it is pretty cool to be able to look back at the end of those 30-ish days and see what God has done!

10. Prioritize Personal Development 
This is another one that gets overlooked. It is just simple planning and you get to see the growth and progress in yourself! Here are some examples of what prioritizing your personal development can look like:

  • Pick out the books you want to read for the month. 
  • Pick a new podcast to listen to.
  • Catch up on some blog posts from people you love (wink wink). 
  • Find a project / hobby you want to try out. Cross knitting anyone?
  • Choose some scriptures to memorize.
  • Make some counseling or mentorship arrangements. 

What are some things you try to do at the start of each month?

Summer: Weekend One

I absolutely LOVE when the first day of a new season falls on a Friday. In case you didn't know, the first day of spring also landed on a Friday this year. If you weren't able to celebrate weekend one of spring, not to worry, we've got the hookup for you for weekend one of Summer 2019!

Listen. Summer is way too short--we all know it--so don't waste even one second of sunshine! Here are some fun ways that you can get your summer off to a spectacular, sunshiney start! We're sharing a few fun ways to kick off your summer with family and friends this weekend! Also sharing a few fun party shops to supply all of your summer celebration needs!

An Evening of Summer Sips +Snacks

Want to host a fun summer kick off party but also keep it simple and low cost? We've got a plan for you! Set a time for after the dinner hour (maybe around 8PM) and keep it just to sips and a few simple snacks! Ask everyone to bring a fun summer drink or snack. *As a side note here and personal lesson learned, be sure to specify if you want alcahol or not as some people will automatically assume one way or another and it could create awkward moments which we don't want for anyone. You want everyone to come and feel comfortable and welcomed! Perhaps even send out some links and ideas in your invites so that people don't have to figure it out themseleves! (We'll include some here for you.) I know that our parents would cringe at the idea of asking guests to bring something, but it's 2019 people and this it so not taboo anymore! Your provide the space and the set up and the cuteness and the basics and the guests can do the rest! This is an easy way to get people together with not a lot of time or money required. If you've got lots of friends with kiddos, this can also be an afternoon pre-dinner hang out in the back yard with the kiddie pool! Make it work for you and your tribe! (We'll also link some of our posts from last summer for some great summer sips)

Lemonade Love
Super simple and sweet and fun way to cool off on a hot summer afternoon with friends! Tell everyone to whip up a fun and interesting lemonade recipe and bring it on over for some sips and chit chat. Maybe even make it a fun activity for you and friends or for the kiddos and make the lemonade together the old fashioned way. Maybe the kiddos can even work together to set up a lemonade stand while the grown ups sit back and relax! Here are a few fun and tasty recipes we came across!

Raspberry Peach Lemonade

Honey--Mint Lemonade

Lemonade Guide

Cold Brew Coffee Bar
If any of you love coffee like we do, then this might be the route for you. Who doesn't love a good coffee date with friends? This is an affordable and more intimate way to go about those this summer! You can check out our Insta stories for some great insight on making cold brew for the record. Have a few pitchers made up (you can make it homemade or TJ's offers some super simple and quick options as well) set out some cute cups and straws and open your doors! Maybe toss in some short bread cookies or some dark chocolate to make your at home coffee date extra sweet!

Smoothie Bar
This is a simple and healthy way to enjoy summer with cool people and get everyone involved. It's easy to delegate ingredients and all you really need to provide is the blender (depending on how many people are coming you might want a couple other friends to bring theirs as well) and some adorable cups! You probably want to get some of those darling baby umbrellas too--because why not!? Set out some fruit, a few types of milk, have lots of ice on hand, and you're good to go for a summer evening or afternoon with friends!

Cute Party Shops We Love

Let's be real. Sometimes we want to host a get together, but we're just too intimidated. Pinterest and Instagram make us feel like if we can't be totally extra we might as well not try at all. WRONG! It doesn't take much to put a little bit of sweetness and a special touch on your get together. These adorable party shops help you with all of that and get it all together for you! Check them out for your next summer bash or just to get some great ideas!

Cake & Confetti

Oh Happy Day

Summer Ready DIY Day 

We thught we might also share a few fun ways to get your space ready for summer! Here are a few darling (easy and affordable) summer projects to do on an evening in, with friends, or even with the kiddos on this first weekend of summer!

Cute Summer Planters
beach terrarium
hanging planters

door mats:
tribal print
door mat for crafting (from Amazon Prime)

snow cones 

Where We’re at Wednesday—The Edge of Summer

Hello lovely friends!

It’s been a bit since we’ve filled you in on where we’re at. In the spirit of openness and vulnerability that we always hope to bring to this space, we thought it was about time! Also because we’re feeling a bit sentimental that For Glory and Beauty is one-year-old this month! And what better way to celebrate than with some good ol' fashioned honest conversation?

Here we are on the verge of summer! Just officially two days away. (Summer kicks off on a Friday this year by the way, and we’ll have some fun ways to celebrate this weekend coming your way!) TBH, Dalayna and I have been in the trenches of summer for over a month now. Though the official start is yet to come, both of our jobs carry extremely heavy (but super fun) summer work loads. For Dalayna as a youth pastor, summer means all kinds of camp. Attending camp and prepping for camp and recovering from camp and hosting camp. It means more time with students who are out of school for the season and prepping activities and staying ahead on what’s to come—and that’s just her “day job”! She’s also leading some fresh and juicy marketing strategies for a local juicery in her hometown—pun completely intended! Oh, and making our blog look amazing all the while!

I, Rachel, am smack dab in the middle of intern season at a major tech company. If you would have asked me what my summers would look like last April or anything at all about the tech world, I would have stared back at you blankly and innocently. Summers are so fun but so crazy full for me! I’m so thankful to be working with students from Mexico again and enjoying as many moments as I can if it. Aside from at least three meetings with all 62 of them throughout the summer, I’m trying to find time to send follow up mail and maybe grab some ice cream and tacos with them from time to time! It’s also been a really exciting season for me at church. I finally feel settled into a rhythm and the community and I’m excited to continue building it. However, that means nights of the week filled with community groups and coffee dates and leadership cohorts. All good, but honestly I’ve forgotten a little bit how to have every evening full and sometimes find myself missing evenings on the couch with Lorelei and Rory and nowhere to be.

Needless to say, summer is full for us and it’s hardly just begun! We’re  sure we can’t be the only ones! Anyone else feeling like summer is filled to the brim already? Anyone else feeling nervous that you just won’t be able to fit it all in—especially the stuff you actually want to do?

Today D and I are reminding ourselves that we’re not that important. Sound harsh? We know. You can imagine us "cartoon smacking" each other across the face if you'd like.
 We’re telling ourselves that the world will continue to turn on its axis without us. That even if we need to stop for a hot second and sip some fresh squeezed lemonade and feel the sunshine on our skin, the world will go on. And honestly, we should, because we need to remember that! You too! It's so easy to get deep into the busy and start believing that it all depends on us. That somehow none of it would work without us. And then we start feeling overwhelmed and underappreciated and desperate for some fresh air and space. Because we've forgotten that it's never actually all depended on us--even a little bit. Jesus has had it under control all along!

 Don't hear us wrong here...of course we have responsibilities and things that need to get done and little people relying on us. We're not suggesting that you just check out and stay lazy and avoid responsibilities and relationships.  We're just here to subtly remind you (and ourselves) that we're not the end all in the equation! That in case we've forgotten, we're human and we have limitations. That being vulnerable and exposing those limitations is sometimes the best thing we can do for ourselves and those around us. That no matter how crazy busy our summers may be, there is always time for rest and relaxation and peace. Summer only lasts so long, and we are determined to soak it in this year in spite of the crazy business and seemingly impossibility of slowing down. Are you with us!?

How to NOT Look Like a Tourist When You Travel

Summer is upon us and so are our travel plans! We're looking forward to seeing all of your fun adventures all over Instagram--don't hold back!

Vacation is coming!

Vacation means packing. Packing can mean a lot of stress for many of us, especially those of us with kiddos or those of us who tend to overpack. But in some cases, packing can be a lot of fun. It's sort of a challenge if you can gather the right perspective. Figuring out what's needed for the destination and planned activities and the climate--how to fit it into whatever space you've got...

But--let's be real--is there anything worse than showing up somewhere and looking like a tourist?

Okay. Yes. There are worse things. But it's certainly not a fun thing. To arrive in a place you've looked forward to being and feel like you stick out like a sore thumb is not ideal for anyone. It certainly takes your vacation confidence level down a notch.

The good news is that this can be avoided with just a little bit of research and planning ahead. But, we know you don't have time for that, you're a busy lady! So, we've taken it upon ourselves to bring it all right here. Your ultimate guide on how to NOT look like a tourist this year on vacation. Now, we get it. You're all going to different places with totally different company and circumstances, but we've got some tips that should be general enough to help all of you out wherever you might be headed!

1. Research Climate + Weather Trends
A common mistake people make is checking the weather for just the time they'll be visiting a place. This is not always an accurate description of what the weather is actually like in any particular place. We tend to pack based on a very small weather window that pops up on our phones and often leaves us not fully prepared when we reach our destination. Do some digging on the good ol' internet and see what the weather trends are like. A safe rule of thumb is to generally think about extremes and take at least one thing that speaks to that. For example, traveling to Mexico in July? You would assume it wiould be extremely hot the whole time you're there. Having lived there, I can tell you that July is usually the thick of rainy season--more autumn weather--and you're definitely going to want to pack a couple of sweatshirts and some rain gear. Or think Orlando in the summer--super hot and humid but the air conditioning makes you feel like you're in the arctic! If you don't think ahead and bring something warm you'll be wearing the airport hoodie you picked up every night to dinner. (And hey, no judgement--I've definitely been there) Does the trip you're planning require a lot of walking? Don't find yourself sliding and getting blisters from your Target sandals while you treck all over the city.  By taking a few extra minutes to do the research and see how to best pack and prepare for your trip, you can feel like your most confident self and blend in with the locals wherever you land.

2. Stay Neutral
An easy way to look like a local and to save on space in your bags is to take a neutral palate of clothing. Stick to similar color stories and styles that are easy to mix and match. It's hard to fully know the personality of a place before you get there, but you can't ever go wrong with neutral. Once you're there, have some fun and pick up some pieces with local color perhaps, but having a neutral canvas to build on is really key. Often times people get a bit over excited about the fashion they think a place is famous for--maybe Hawaiian shirts for a trip to the Big Island or a black Barret for lunching in Paris--and then realize once they're there that no one is dressing like they do in the movies. Better to have the basics and then take a moment to adjust and observe and add your local flair after a day or so. Take pieces that you really love and that you won't mind wearing a few times!

3. Don't Assume People Speak English
This is huge when traveling internationally. We often hear that Americans are not the most well liked people when traveling abroad, and this is a huge piece of it. We live in a massively large country where the same language is predominately spoken as far as we go in any direction. Sure, a lot of the world does know some English, but when you're in another nation, take the time to at least attempt to get into their context--that includes attempting to speak their language. We're not suggesting you need to take a full on Rosetta Stone course before leaving, but a little goes a long way in this regard. Even learning basic greetings and everyday words for communicating is really meaningful to someone interacting with a foreigner--especially and American. It says--look, this person actually wants to understand our culture and our angle and experience it from our perspective. So many people travel to travel these days--for the luxury or the status. Traveling really should be about seeing a great big beautiful world that God created and looking to connect with the people He's filled it with. Traveling should be about trying new things and experiencing new cultures and seeing the world through new eyes and perspectives. So the next time you're in a foreign place, don't just start speaking in your language louder. Take a second to be quiet, listen to what the person in front of you says and then try it. And remember--body language is everything when we're speaking two different languages and a smile goes a very very long way.

4. Take Local Transportation 
If you want to look like a local than move like a local. Not only is this a really great way to get a feel for the local vibe, it's also usually a great way to save some cash. Ubers add up really quickly anyways and that's precious cash you could be spending on brunching and adorable local cafes. You can pick up a subway or bus route map pretty much anywhere around the city and you'd be surprised how much locals are usually willing to help!

5. Travel Light
This is one that is learned and perfected over time. A sure fire way to look like a tourist is to travel with everything but the kitchen sink! It's also a real pain and a lot more stressful for you! Hear us out--we get it. You want to be prepared and you want options and you don't trust the hotel hair dryer like the one that's been with you through an entire decade of your life. You gotta look cute for all the Insta posts. We hear you. That being said, if we're all super honest with ourselves, we never wear or use probably more than half of what we lug with us on trips. Here's a great tip: pack as light as you can a copule of weeks before your trip. Do your research on the weather and the style and think practically about what kind of trip it is (do you need walking shoes or warmer clothes or workout clothes...etc.) and then call a friend and have them go through your choices with you. Of course choose a friend who will actually help you make cuts and not encourage you to take more--we all know which friends we're talking about here. Run through each day with your friend and what you've packed and how you intend to wear everything. Maybe you really have cut it down to the bare bones, but chances are ssome outside perspective will get you even a little more free space. There's nothing worse than overweight luggage fees are we right? And you have to's always inspirational to see those people that look like they're leaving for a  year with nothing but a backpack. We can certainly find a way to land somewhere in the middle. And don't forget about the carry on. Guys--you are not going to read those five books you've been meaning to read all year on one flight. You just aren't. Save yourself the leg room and the back ache and narrow it down! This one you won't regret!
This also goes for when you're out on the town. Sometimes the backpack is necessary for seeing the sights, but often times we just end up hulling around a bunch of extra stuff unnecessarily and wastes precious energy that we need to enjoy our travels. Take the extra time to think through the day and carefully plan what is actually needed. Often times we rush out the door and grab everything for the sake of not forgetting a couple things. Taking the extra five minutes to think through the day and the plans and activities and only pack for those things will save us some annoyances later and keep us from looking like a tourist!

**Adding this little tidbit at the end. Some of you might care less about looking like a tourist. You like what you like and you want to have all the things you like on hand even while traveling. My (Rache'sl) dad could rock the tourist look--the high socks with the Payless sneakers and the baseball cap and fanny pack and no one questioned him. He used to lug the digital camera around his neck with the mini discs in his fanny pack without shame. You do you, girl. It's just been a fun challenge for us to learn how to be travel chameleons and we thought we'd share our learnings from along the way with you should you be up for the challenge as well!

June Playlist

Why hello June!
It's June and summer is upon us! June also means ONE WHOLE YEAR as For Glory & Beauty, and one whole year of playlists! But we aren't done yet -- in fact we're just getting started!

This month's playlist is a little bit strum a little bit hum and a little bit rock and roll. Oh, and don't forget The Beach Boys! It goes without saying it's a little bit of everything to get you in the mood for sunny summer days. Give it a listen below.

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