Balanced in Body

Sunday was our official launch day here at The Pearl Press. Thank you to all who clicked over to help us kick things off!! Also on Sunday we highlighted the first of our purpose statements for The Pearl Press, Vibrant in Spirit. Then Tuesday we talked about our second statement, Cultivating her Soul. If you are just joining us WELCOME! We are crazy excited you are here!!

The final phrase in our purpose statement is this:
Believe me when I say, that finding a way to put into words what our heart was for this particular area was quite challenging!

Of course we believe that the health of our spirit and soul is of utmost important. It should take priority in our lives because it is of eternal value. Above all else we should be healthy, thriving, and in solid, growing, relationships with Christ.

But the truth is, we are human. We are here. We are living and breathing and calling earth home for now, and thus there are very practical pieces of this life that we have been given that we cannot ignore or neglect. And what’s more, our body, this life (be it brief and fleeting) has been gifted to us by God and for that simple reason, it should be handled with care. It is precious, it has a purpose, and we want to make sure that in our focus and prioritizing of the spiritual we do not forget to figure out how to live out the very tangible parts for His glory, as well.

I am sure the first thing that comes to mind is your actual... literal... physical body, and maybe health and wellness. And rightfully so! But here at The Pearl Press, every Thursday, we are hoping to broaden your perspective. We hope you will see with us that being balanced in body is not just about working out and trying to eat healthy. It’s really about all of the practical, everyday things that come with the territory of calling earth home.

Hear our heart... it is not being perfect in body. It is about finding a balance. Our heart is that we might come to find a healthy, happy medium in all that it takes to live life for Jesus. That we would not have our heads too high in the clouds, and our thinking overly spiritualized, that we fail to recognize the important parts that God intends to be embraced and enjoyed right now. That we would not forget to be practical and recognize God in the midst of what we may consider "the little things." Still yet, let's not have our heads buried in the present, in the right now; let's keep our eyes upward, towards the eternal that will never pass away. 

We have been created with a spirit that is very much destined for things and places above, and a soul that is made to experience emotion and is fed by relationship. Those very deep, very spiritual parts of us have been packaged inside a very temporal, very tangible body, and is very much tied to planet earth. We must somehow learn how to balance a spirit and soul that longs for the grand and glorious things of heaven, while managing to keep our feet on the ground, doing the work we have been created to accomplish while inhabitants here.

Being balanced in body is in essence learning to be like Jesus, following the example he left for us. 

God. The One and Only. The most spiritual of all beings with the richest soul, left all things royal and heavenly to come to us. He tied himself to all of the limitations and tangible things so that he could truly relate to us and fully understand our nature. He cried and laughed and bled like we do. He had friends and parents and he probably had to replace his sandals from time to time.

Jesus represents for us the perfect balance. He was fully present in this place and with the people He created, but fully present with His Father and in tune with spiritual things beyond simultaneously.

Might we learn more of Jesus and His story and His character, and daily become more like Him. And in doing so, we will find balance. We will see that our spirit and our soul and our body will function in harmony, complimenting one another. As we commit to keeping Him at the center of everything we will find that the most lofty, spiritual ideas become very natural, and that the simple, everyday things can hold the deepest spiritual meanings and move our souls in unimaginable ways.

How will you harmonize your life to find balance in every day living? 

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