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We are starting off week #2 of The Pearl Press and we are so thankful and excited to have YOU here with us. As we told you last week, on Sundays we talk about our Spirit, and how to keep it vibrant. So here we go!

I recently have been blessed to purchase a home. It has been fun, exciting, and a little crazy. There of course is the fun and excitement of something new, but the craziness of moving everything in and trying to get settled. I am sure it is the same for anyone, but I have noticed the one thing that only time can change, is the feeling of home. The feeling that this new place is normal and... familiar. You see there is fun and excitement to the new, but then there is the comfort and security of the familiar.

Growing up in a Christian home brings a familiarity of its own. It is something I am so grateful for, but it is also something I have had to compensate for throughout my life. I always admire people who are so fresh in their relationship with God. It is fun and exciting, because it is new. They are getting settled and figuring things out in their faith. Yes, I so admire these people. 

But I have come to realize, even though I have known the Lord for many years, I want to share that same excitement and newness with these new believers. I want the deep joy and awe as I grasp the goodness of God. I want His grace to leave me breathless because of its richness. I want all of that! And I believe that no matter how familiar we have become with God, we should have it. When we have known the Lord for so long it is as if God is home; the place we find security, the place we have grow accustom to, the place we live. And that is great! We are no longer homeless, orphans, but we have been taken in by a loving Father; we have been adopted as His daughters. 

I think it is to our fault that we look on newly adopted sons and daughters of God, still bright-eyed and amazed at the life they have been offered, and write them off as "baby" Christians. We completely expect the newness of their love for God to wear off over time. However, I wonder if we want it to wear off as a way to justify our staleness. Some compare it to newly weds; so obvious and shamelessly in love at first, but over time it becomes less apparent. But as those who have enjoyed a long marriage will tell you, that love doesn't fade over time, it grows, and becomes even more powerful and vibrant with age. 

I want to encourage you today to never be ashamed of your love and zeal for God. Let it be apparent to all who see you. And today if you feel that your walk with the Lord is old and so familiar you almost forget what it was like when you first made Him your home, change it. Rekindle the flame. Reestablish your shameless love for Him. Remind yourself of what it felt like to stop wandering the cold, dark streets of life, and be adopted as a daughter of God. 

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I am a Christ-follower and have purposed to live my life following where ever He leads me. I am currently a youth pastor, and loving it. I am so passionate about seeing people of all ages, of all languages, come to a knowledge and understanding of God, and to live fully according to His purpose for them. I love using media to tell stories. I enjoy coffee, family, friends, nature, laughing, Taylor Swift, and much, much more.

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