As I sit here leaving a women's conference trying to narrow down all the thoughts in my head, I am reminded of something the Lord has been teaching me over the past few weeks. Something that has been so fundamental, yet life changing for me, and I hope will do the same for you: The idea of making the presence of the Lord a priority. Every woman who desires to be used by the Lord, whether they find themselves in ministry or not, must daily cultivate a life in the Spirit. It may be a simple thought, but I have found that in order to live like Jesus, we have to spend time with Him.

We read a story in the Bible that talks about this in Luke 10:41-42:

Martha and Mary were hosting Jesus and his disciples for a meal. If you've ever hosted a party at your house, you, like me, know the stress that can stem from that. And as any type A personality, as I imagine Martha to be, she was probably stressed out that day too. Simply wanting some help from her sister she whines to Jesus, "Make Mary help me!" A simple and honest complaint that we all might have. But what she didn't realize was while she was so focused on serving and doing, she was missing out on the reason she invited Jesus into her home... To enjoy is company. I love Jesus' response. Concerned with Martha's complaint, He takes the time to teach her (and me) an invaluable lesson:

That one thing is Jesus and sitting at His feet. Here Jesus is reminding Martha, and now us, to be like Mary in this situation and make Him our priority. Not to neglect our responsibilities, but rather to make them secondary to Him. Ministry, kids, relationships, to-do lists, they can all wait; what is needed is Christ. If he is the main thing we love better, serve better, preach better, live better. When we are living our lives full of the Spirit, our lives are pleasing to him.

In my personal experience, when I try to do these things out of order, I end up with a bigger mess than I started with. Currently, I'm working at a local church in Alabama where I am leading the young adult ministry. I've never really been one to love being the center of attention, but I'm learning to embrace this season. It's not been easy, but it is one of the most rewarding opportunities I've had. Over the past few years, one thing I have had to lean on is being full of the spirit of God. I've found that If I don't make him the priority, I get caught up in the busyness of it all, and can sometimes forget why I'm doing what I'm doing. Perhaps this is why the Lord keeps reminding me that only one thing is necessary. When I find myself in His presence, full of His Spirit, I am equipped with what I need to live out my calling, having the right heart.
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As women of God, it's vital to our spirits to allow him to refine us, speak to us, and fill us with His Spirit. This can only happen when you and I take the time to be in His presence sitting at his feet and letting Him change us, letting Him encourage us, letting Him speak to us, and letting Him love us.
So, after weeks of hearing the Lord speak this phrase to me over and over, I'm sharing it with you.

Only one thing is necessary.

Join me in this journey of sitting at his feet.
Take time this week and establish a new pattern in your life. That you won't let your day be filled with the worries and busyness of life, but you will take time to put first things first... take time to establish yourself in God's presence. That you will be found walking and living in His Spirit, because that is what it is all about to LIVE FULL.


I'm a single twenty-something Jesus lover and avid coffee drinker navigating my way through ministry and life in the south.

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  1. Love this! When we are living a life consistently in his presence, we can stop worrying about things we should or should not do, or if we are doing too much or not enough. We are able to just start walking in the spirit, which is such a liberating thing!


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