I find it so amazing how creative our God is. Throughout scripture we find how creative His Spirit is. Our God, the creator, is the source of all creativity. When he created man in his own image he gave man gifts of creativity also. I just love that. Being the seamstress I am, I could not be more thankful that God gave us each a part of His creative spirit. In the Bible it tells us that God gives us each gifts in order to help build the kingdom of God. I’m not talking about just the spiritual gifts, but also the gifts of creativity.

In Exodus 35:30-35 we see how God had given Bezalel and Oholiab each gifts that were crucial in helping their tribes to build the tabernacle:

God called them by name to this service.

He filled them with His Spirit to equip them for it.

Whether it is knowledge, skill, ability, or craftsmanship, a skill in creativity is God’s gift, and comes from above. Therefore, we should honor all gifts. We should devote time to studying and understanding how we can serve Him with these gifts.

In the New Testament we learn of a woman named Tabitha, otherwise known as Dorcas. She was a disciple that used her talents to help the poor. Scripture doesn’t tell us very much about Tabitha, except that when she passed away, all the people she had made robes for came and showed Peter her good works. When Peter raised her from the dead many gave their life to God. This is a woman that I imagine spent many days and nights sewing away in hopes that people would see God’s character and work through her talent. I’m sure while she was alive many gave their lives to Him through her service. Her God-given gift in the form of a talent for sewing provided an opportunity and a way to show God’s love. Because of her kindness and servant heartedness, those she had blessed came to honor her on the day she passed away. Because she was faithful to use her talent for God, many seeds were planted. On the day she was raised from the dead, those seeds blossomed in light of God’s power and many more gave their lives and hearts to God!

As a little girl, needlework was always intriguing to me. My great aunt would come to stay with us when I was seven or eight, and I would sit and watch her cross stitch. Since I was so interested, she sat me down and began to teach me. I was so excited and asked my mom buy me a few kits. My mom was so awesome to support my creative spirit, because she saw that I had a passion for it. That is probably why my talent grew and brought me to where I am now. Of course like a child, I quickly moved on to another interests. But, that lesson was like a little seed that God planted in me. Later, as a teenager in high school, I picked it back up in home economics class and stirred up my passion for sewing all over again. If you know me then you know that whatever creative challenge is brought my way, I will want to do it and do it well.

 So I learned how to make pillowcases and purses and other things. When I got into college one of our team members of the Pearl Press, Rachel, had lost her father. While she was away I decided to make her a quilt as a gift to lift her spirits a little. I decided on colors that were bright and fun, like her spirit, and I wanted to make sure I added butterflies to resemble her dad (it was something they shared together). From that moment, I realized that was how God could use me. Whenever someone needed something, I would sew it for them. Whether it was something small like fixing up a hole or hemming up a pair of pants, or even big projects like making memory dolls or pillows, I wanted God to have the glory from all of it.

I now run a small seamstress business where I get to share a little message and blessing in my thank you notes. I pray over each order in the hope that the person is blessed from it and will see God through it. Although it may be a small gift that my talents produce, it makes the verse from James 1:17 ring true:                                                                                
I’ve realized that I hated my gift in the past. I would ask God why he couldn’t have given me a musical gift instead.  I would love to be able to play an instrument or have a voice that didn’t make people feel sorry for me. But this girl has no rhythm! God chooses each of us for a reason. We should never belittle something that is so generously and carefully given to us from God or envy the gifts of others. Instead, rejoice in the talents that are given to us. We are building and sharing the kingdom of God when we are faithful to use these gifts. 

It’s just so incredible!

I encourage you today to use the talents that God has given you to bless those around you. If you can cook, cook a meal for a family who has lost a loved one or just added a new little one to the family. If you can sing, sing a song for the church one Sunday, or join the church choir. The power of song can lift the spirits of those around you. If you can draw, offer to draw a photo in memory of a loved one. Whatever it is that God has blessed you with, use it to share God’s love and kindness. What are some of your gifts? How have you learned you can use your gifts for other's benefit and God's glory? 

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