Rooted in love….
I conducted a little survey of sorts as I was writing this particular post. I wanted to know what people, lots of different people, thought of when they saw or heard the phrase “rooted in love.”

Almost every single one of them referred to a plant or a tree and a love that is strong and deep and able to withstand the worst of conditions.

I thought at this point in our series, ROOTED, it might be appropriate to pause and reflect on just what we are actually talking about here. Why roots? What’s up with the whole rooted idea anyways? I think that sometimes we get so used to the symbolism and the metaphorical talk, that we forget to stop and think about why God chose to present it to us that way in the first place. Of all the analogies and word pictures He could have chosen to use, from all of the verbs that He created, why did he choose to put a word as strong and as big as love with the verb rooted?

I took a jaunt back to my elementary science days for a quick refresher on the purpose of the root system for a plant. I found these four purposes listed:

It’s like God knew exactly what He was doing when He wrote the Bible. It’s almost like He created the world and all of its intricate workings to compliment His words and to point us back to them. It’s as if He created it all to help us understand Him better.

Because that’s exactly what He did.

In order for a plant to live and to thrive and to be all that He created it to be, it needs roots. It needs deep, healthy roots planted in rich, life-giving soil.

And so do you.
So do I.

It was no mistake that he associated the word love with the verb rooted. He knew exactly the picture He was trying to paint. He knew that a word, a concept, as big as love needed an intricate, efficient system to help it grow and thrive and reproduce.

He was helping us understand that in order for us to live and thrive and to be all that He created us to be, we needed a root system. We need deep, healthy roots planted in rich, life-giving soil. We need roots planted in who He is.
He is love.
When we plant our roots deeply in Him, we are able to soak up His living water; we are able to stand firm and grow on when everything around us threatens to knock us down. His words become nourishment to us, and most importantly, we are able to spread and reproduce His love. But only when we have that healthy root system spreading out and making its home in a love-based soil.

Right now, I am on a green thumb kick. I am obsessed with the idea of filing my home with plants. I love the way it makes a space feel more like home and apparently provides better air for you to breath. What’s not to love! If only I could keep them alive… As of now, I am 2-5 (meaning I have only killed two of the seven plants I brought into my home this year.) That’s pretty good for me. 
This week, I thought it might be fun to use this trending topic for our together now idea.
I am going to get myself a new plant this week. I am going to go to the plant place (or whatever you call it properly) and I am going to spend a little time there. I am going to look at the different plants and consider how each of them might look in my home and where I might put them. I am going to ask the plant people what I need to do to take care of that particular plant. And when I choose it and I bring it home, I am going to spend a little time with it.

I know I am starting to sound a bit crazy. Just stay with me for a moment longer.

This week, treat yourself to a little bit of greenery that you really love. Sit down with a pen and some paper and jot down all of the things that you love most about your new little plant. Take note of the things that make the plant unique and beautiful. And then very intentionally remind yourself that all of those things you love about the plant are only possible because of its root system. And of course you will have a lovely addition to your home and also a lovely reminder to keep yourself rooted and planted in rich, healthy, love-based soil!

PLEASE take some photos of your plant project this week and let us know how God is speaking to you through His lovely creation!

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