Today is the final Tuesday post in this current discussion on Flourish. On Tuesdays we focus on the second part of our purpose statement, to be a place where ladies are Cultivating her Soul. It is a focus on who we are as individuals... emotionally, in our personality, in our personal development. So with this in mind, I was challenged to take a look at the soul of who Dalayna is. Am I flourishing? Not am I doing well at work, but am I flourishing when it comes to being the best version of myself? Am I being who God wants me to be? Today I want you to ask yourself some questions. So, grab a notebook or your journal and let's dive into some deep investigating of our souls today.

Here is a reminder of the key passage we have been looking at throughout the month:

There has been a lot that we have learned and pulled from this one passage, but today I want you to understand this one key thing: God wants you to flourish. He has set you up to flourish. He has put you in a place and has given you what you need to flourish, but it is up to you to pick up the tools He has given you and fulfill this plan He has for you.

What does it look like for you to flourish? Is it a feeling? Is it an achievement? What is it? This may be something that requires days of thinking and analyzing, but it is a question that must be answered. Here's why: Think of being given a task... a job... but having no idea what constitutes the job being done let alone being successful. You try your hardest but still wonder if you have done what was expected of you; you still wonder if you were successful. You have no confidence that you did well. You have no courage to tackle another task because you don't even know if you were competent in completing the first one. You are kind of dissatisfied, kind of confused, and REALLY stuck. Man do I hate being stuck. I think we all do. We all hate that feeling of being bound up and confined. Sure breaking free can be scary, but it is so liberating! 

As you can see with this little example, we must "define our win," as I have heard it phrased. For me it is definitely a feeling. I know we shouldn't run our lives off of emotions because emotions are fleeting, but if I don't feel like I am flourishing I can tell you right now, I am not. Even if I appear to be in the eyes of others, I can FEEL it when I am missing the mark. I am generally a task driven person, but I have learned of myself that even if I get everything on my list done, if I have not done a few specific things I still feel like I have lost. A few of those things are getting in the Word, spending time talking to the Lord, being physically active, and being intentionally relational. If I get those things accomplished, even if my task list isn't complete, I feel that I have won for the day. Why? Because I know those are all things that help me flourish.

While it is obvious there are things we all share in the nutrients that allow us to flourish (getting in the Word, getting to know God, etc.), but there are some nutrients that are specific to you. There are other things that I know are nutrients for my soul personally, maybe not on the daily, but perhaps need to be regular nutrients for my soul to flourish. I am nourished when I accomplish something simply for the fun of it, when I do something spontaneous, when I do something creative like painting or crafting. You may feel nourished when you explore some place new or when you are out in nature. Maybe you are extremely refreshed when you go camping or volunteer in a specific area. What serves as nutrients for your soul? Identify them and jot them down to answer this question.

What is your Plan Of Action? We have to have one, you know. We have defined what it looks like for us to flourish, what your necessary nutrients are, and now we have to make a plan to flourish. God has set us up for success, now it is time we get out of our own way and just do it (Nike fans, I see you). Remember that thing that I said we all hate? Yea, stuck. We get stuck when we keep doing the same thing. Have you ever gotten stuck in mud or in the snow in your car? The WORST thing you can do in that situation is step on the gas and spin your tires. Normally when you want to go, yes, you hit the gas pedal, but in that situation all you are going to do is create a rut, and there you will stay. ...Not that I have learned this from experience or anything.... You have to get the car out of that rut. Put a board under the tires so they have something solid to go on or have someone pull you out. If you feel that, that feeling of being stuck in mug creating deeper and deeper ruts, know that is not the place God wants for you. Use His word as a board for something solid to get out of the rut you are in, or call on someone to pull you out. God can do that too. 

I hope you have been able to identify the key ingredients to flourish for yourself today. If you haven't, keep thinking on it. Pray on it. Find what you need to flourish and put them into action in your life. Not next week or next month, TODAY. We have all been in the cycle of wanting to do something, planning to do something, but still not doing it. Get out of that rut, girl. Just do it. 

Go on and FLOURISH.

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