Do any of you love Valentines as much as I do?? There are so many ways to create fun things! I have been preparing my schedule of what to do with the girls each day this week. I have been crafting away on hearts and incorporating them into our alphabet days. Today was the letter H! Obviously hearts was going to be our picture illustration for the the letter H, but I also used embroidery hoops, and that was a hit. I had been using them as wall decor, but since have been laying in my linen closet. I was tired of staring at them every time I grabbed a towel, so I decided to repurpose them. In my line of work I'm sure I could have used them for something else, but what better way to put them to use than to use them for stain glass art for the girls craft?? It was perfect! Valentines fun + hearts and hoops to teach the letter H.

Embroidery hoops
Any size you. They are super cheap at Joanns with online coupons -- Can get them for $1or less

I had bought half of a yard a month ago for $0.80 with a coupon.

Tissue paper
I let the girls pick out the colors they wanted from the Dollar Tree. I had wanted them to get pinks, reds, and whites but nope. My oldest has a purple color addiction and the younger just picks whatever sissy gives her. So it was a purple assortment of colors. All well, we can't win them all!

Glue stick

Acrylic paints
Walmart has them for $0.50, but you can use washable paints if you are worried about stains and such. I just had these on hand.


1. Get your little muchkin or munchkins together to paint these little hoops. You can use foam brushes, but my little ones love hands on in the paint. I mean who doesn't. Just look at that face! My oldest is always so concentrated when it comes to crafts, it has to be perfect!
2. Set aside to air dry or use a blow dryer to speed the process. My girls are anxious and impatient so blow drying was my go to.

3. Place your vinyl over the inside part of the hoop. Then place the outside part of the hoop over the inside. (You may need to loosen the screw to get it just right.) But it should look like this!
4. Then allow them to glue their tissue paper on the hoops and have fun with it.
Needless to say, I forgot to get more than one glue stick. Luckily these girls were in good spirits today and were willing to share. (This face was what I thought was going to go down as a tantrum from them both because of the glue scenario! This was a rare occasion of them sharing.)
That face that makes you believe it's going to go all wrong. Maybe this months lesson of love in action is really catching on!
Once they were done, we stamped their feet with the acrylic paint on the hoops. One great thing about the vinyl is you can scratch off any mistakes and start over. Raelee preferred hers without the footprint, so we did another one with her feet for a mommy keepsake. After they are all done creating, just trim the vinyl on the back close as close to the edge as you can. 
Finally we hung them up. My youngest, Millie, likes to proclaim, "Awe!" I love my little masterpieces from my creative girls. You could use them as gifts too! We might be sending the other two as gifts for nana and meme for Valentines day. Or keep them if you little ones are anything like my oldest. She loves to see her finished work on display every day and remind you that she did that. 

I hope you all have fun crafting for Valentines! If you decide to tackle this craft with your little ones, we would love to see how they turn out! Be sure to tag us on Instagram and Facebook.

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