There are some people who come into your life and make an unforgettable impact. Cathy is that person in my life. We met 6 years ago when I started dating her really cute son. The first time I met her I was scared to death because I knew she must walk with Jesus. She just had this presence about her, this sort of grace to her. I was even more afraid she would realize I didn’t really measure up, but she so lovingly took me in as her own and has been one of my biggest supporters since.  She has a remarkable testimony to tell, and she lives her life in such a way that you want to follow. I’m so very blessed to not only have her in my life, but to call her my precious mother-in-law.  She and her husband travel the world to encourage and build up others who are taking the gospel to the ends of the earth. Take time to read a little of her heart and I guarantee you’ll fall in love with her as much as I have!
October 14, 1993, a day I will never forget. This was the day my relationship with God changed for all eternity. It all started with an early morning phone call. The next thing I knew I was in the corridor of a hospital as I watched my husband being wheeled by on a stretcher.  He was already gone, but I didn't know it. I thought he was just unconscious. Next, I was taken to a private room along with the rest of the family as we waited for the doctor to come and speak to us.  I was seated in a chair as the physician entered the room. He simply said, "He didn't make it.” He explained to us that he had died before ever being transported to the hospital.  I can remember each person’s reaction and responses and all that was going on around me.  But what I remember the most, the moment that transformed me, was the sound of God’s voice speaking to me.  It was like someone flipped on a switch and the volume was turned up.  He began to call me by my name and tell me to count my blessings with Him. I remember thinking this was an odd time to be counting my blessings, but I also remember thinking, "Why has it taken me 28 years to hear His voice in this way?”  

For the next year my life began to feel empty, dark and lonely. I began to separate myself from the Lord.  In this place of anger, doubt and fear, He loved me.  He pursued me relentlessly. He pulled me out of my darkness and became my light.  He taught me that He didn't just give love but that He is love.  He doesn't just tell me what to do or even how to do it and leave me by myself.  He actively walked with me through each day and showed me the way. He gave me my life back. You see, my journey hasn't always been pretty but it has always had purpose—even when I couldn't see it (Many are the plans of a man’s heart. It it's the Lords purpose that prevails). What the enemy intended for evil the Lord has indeed used for His good. Since then, my life has been one filled with much grace, much hope and much love.  I later remarried an amazing man and we get to share the love of Jesus with others daily.  

Recently I found myself walking (more like running) through a long busy season of life.  I spent most of my days pouring into others and helping them through the trials and difficulties of life.  The plan is to pour myself out into others and stop along the way to be refilled myself, but in this season I was struggling to find rest. I was so busy helping everyone else find Him and yet I never seemed to be able to get close to Him.  Up to this point I had enjoyed writing, but suddenly I found myself at a loss for words (which is rare!). I had been crying out to the Lord to draw me near to Him; I longed to lay at His feet. 

In the midst of this struggle, my husband and I traveled into Libya for the first time to do some work with friends.  I thought I was going to carry a friend’s load; instead my friend carried me. She looked past my words and saw that I was frazzled and tired.  She insisted that I take her morning spot for abiding time and just spend time with Jesus.  She led me to a big, comfy chair and opened the window.  There I heard the sound of waves and birds. As I began to pray and write, I titled my journal entry, “A Room with a View.”

Here it all started with a question: What do you need most today? It was as if the Lord Himself was whispering to my soul, and I was sure I heard Him say, “Cathy, it’s me. Just ask. What do you need most from me today?” Faith. These words, written on the side of a coffee mug, stirred something within me. Quickly, without hesitation, I had chosen this pretty green mug with that same word, faith, written on it. A simple choice, or so it seemed, at the time. There I was, sitting in Libya for the first time, drinking my tea and overlooking the sea. A room, with a view.  It was here, while trying to figure out my day, that He whispered to me.

This whisper came in the form of a gift from my sweet friend, a book that asked the question--"Can you name 1,000 blessings in your life?"  You see, for weeks, possibly even months, I had been crying out from the depths of my being to be nearer to my God, my Daddy, my Friend, my Savior...and yet I still felt a gap.  That is, until I decided that morning to take the challenge and try to list 1,000 blessings that have been given to me by the hand of the Lord Himself.  Oh, I wasn't successful, at least not in making it to 1,000.  As I began to speak out loud some of the most simple things that were even right before my eyes—a cup of tea from a friend, a beautiful peaceful blue room to pray and hear the water, the whisper of my Heavenly Father, I could go on and on.  But that's just it, I couldn't.  About the time I reached the fourth or fifth blessing, I had tears flowing freely and I could feel the beautiful presence of the Holy Spirit of my Loving Daddy. I was swept away.  It was in that moment that I realized He was answering my prayers.  The answer to what I had asked from Him was actually inside me all the while.  Yes, I had prayed out loud many times in the past and yet today was the day.  I can't explain to you why or even how, because His ways are so very much higher than our ways (and for that I'm eternally grateful!). But today I'm reminded that if I continually seek with all my heart I will find Him.  

When I made my choice for "faith" that day there were several other things to choose from.  There was joy, hope, love, trust, and there were two with faith written on them.  It was then I knew.  I had been asking for a double portion of faith because I felt particularly weak in this area. Most days my prayers sounded more like the dad in Mark chapter 9, "I believe Lord, help thou my unbelief."  And when I couldn't seem to get to Him myself, He sent a dear friend that could see what I needed—He used her to answer my prayer. 

What is it that you've been asking Him for? 
Or maybe you haven't asked at all.  My prayer for you today my friend is that this will be the beginning of your journey.  Your journey with the best Guide ever.  He sees all, He knows all and He is everywhere at all times. Don't think you'll be able to match that (Smile).  As I chose faith that morning, still feeling very weak in this area, He reminded me that when I am weak, He is strong.  That's it. I don't have to be all the things I'm not.  I just have to believe that He is!  And I assure you, He is.  

As I began writing this the Lord reminded me of another story of a "room with a view."  As the crowd sat at the feet of Jesus and listened to His teachings, the man, we don't even know his name, knew Jesus was near but couldn't get to Him on his own. His four friends carried him to the house and even then there seemed to be no way to get in.  I love that they didn't give up. They cut a hole in the roof and lowered their friend to be with Jesus when he couldn't get there on his own (Mark 2).
Sometimes we just need a little help from someone who can see what we can't. Sometimes we just need a friend who is willing to give us a “room with a view.”

Look around today and see who may just need you to pick them up, cut a hole in the roof, and lay them at the feet of Jesus. That, my friend, is love in action! 

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