On Sunday, Miriam shared her story and her heart for bringing freedom to Mexico and the world. Human slavery is a problem...a big one. It is overwhelming and it's easy to walk away frustrated and discouraged wondering what you could possibly do.

Today. You can start.
Here are some video and book resources. They certainly aren't easy to watch and read, but they are informative. If we avoid the problems then we certainly can't do anything about them. Today, get informed and then let that information inspire you to ACT. Remember that prayer is more than something...it is THE thing that we can do. When we pray for God's freedom and justice in our world, we are doing something, we are taking action! And never forget that God acts on behalf of His people that are praying according to His heart.


1. The Whistleblower (Netflix)

2. De Tenancingo a Nueva York (YouTube
3. Pimp city (YouTube)
4. Testimonio Madai Morales en Noticias con Adela (YouTube)

5. Brought up in Brothels (a documentary that can be found here)

6. Follow Fin De Esclavitud on Facebook and sign up for their monthly prayer newsletter. This is a great way to stay informed and to have specific things to pray for.

7. Follow A21 on Instagram. They are another great organization working to end slavery in our generation. They are great for posting celebration stories, facts, and ways to pray and get involved.

8. READ Beyond the Soiled Curtain and Beyond the Shame by Beth and David Grant. They have worked for years in India's Red Light District rescuing and restoring those who have been damaged through the evil of human trafficking. These books are gripping, real life stories and they are sure to stir some things up in your heart and move you to action.


"I am deeply committed to working to prevent and report on Human Trafficking. Being able to talk about such a crude, cruel and actual theme in our world has made me greatly value my freedom, and take hold of it. So, I give workshops I can convey what I have researched, what I read, what I have seen and firsthand what I'm told. And thus alerting those attending to hear about the problem and may not know they are at risk. Being part of the organization End of Slavery (FIN DE LA ESCLAVITUD) is my privilege and I am grateful for the opportunity to work voluntarily."
Atte. Diana Flores H.

"Working on a subject that is controversial will always “invite” people around you to give their opinion, and to a lesser or greater degree can make you wonder if you are making the right decision. That was true in my case. I learned that God was showing me a little bit of His heart and wanted me to do something about it… and that required courage on my behalf. And through the process of becoming brave, He showed me he had a team in mind (which more and more people are joining), that He had our backs and was molding my character to answer and fulfill the purpose I was created for, just like His church:

“Through Christ, God has given us the privilege and authority as apostles to tell gentiles everywhere what God has done for them, so they will believe and obey him, bringing glory to his name.”
Romans 1:3 NLT


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