I first met Rochelle at a Kentucky District event. I thought she looked way too young and cool to be a pastor's wife (not that Pastor's wives aren't cool, because they are;)) I also remember being envious of her sneaking in Starbucks coffee to the meeting even if it meant she was a few minutes late.  Never did I imagine a year later my husband and I would become the Children's Pastor's at Henderson First Assembly of God where her and her husband pastor. Here we are three years later and I can honestly say she's just as young and cool now as she was when I first met her. Rochelle leads with such passion and energy. Her heart’s desire to see the lost saved is evident in the way she prays, speaks and leads. I'm so thankful to be a part of the team her and Pastor Jeff are leading and blessed by the opportunity to introduce you to even just a little piece of who Rochelle is. When God speaks to her she listens. Take a read and may you be challenged and inspired by it like I was.

This is what I felt the Lord saying to me as we ended 2015 and began to embark on the new journey that would be 2016.  As I pondered what this meant, it became clear to me that in the midst of constant rush and hurry – that there has to be a safe place.  A place where healing is.  A place where serenity is.  A place to be revived, rejuvenated, refreshed.  So we began the process. See, life just gets busy.  So many demands.  But, we all need a haven.  A place to retreat.  And the Lord was telling me that I needed to put some energy into making our home that very place.  A place of disorganization, chaos, and clutter can never be the refuge it needs to be.

My husband, Jeff, and I are in full time ministry. We are lead pastors of a growing and vibrant church in Henderson, Kentucky.  We have three amazing daughters – a six year old, a two year old, and one to be born in the next two months.  I work from home as a bookkeeper.  I am the pastor’s wife.  I am mom to three.  And I am constantly on the go.  But, God was telling me to create that place where He could refresh me – where the room was full of fresh air.  Where He could breathe life into my soul each morning.  Where He could sustain me. 

I took the words of the Lord very literally and began to purge.  Trying to ruthlessly eliminate the clutter in our home.  We packed up toys that had long been abandoned.  We went through our closets.  We began to purge all that was unnecessary.   All with one goal in mind: to simplify and allow our home to be a place where we could clearly hear the voice of God. In a life that is so busy meeting the demands of a growing church, an awesome church staff, and community that so desperately needs Jesus – we couldn’t forget that we needed that place to replenish.

Jesus modeled the perfect life in ministry for us.  We see through the Scriptures that He spent many hours with His disciples ministering to the sick, the needy, the lost, the broken.  We see Him weeping over people as He saw them as sheep without a Shepherd.  We see Jesus stepping into the  midst of a very broken humanity to bring a healing that only He could bring.  Yet, the often forgotten portion of his life was what made Him so effective – the time spent with the Father – alone.  

I began this 2016 journey with the idea that God wanted me to reorganize my home, to decrease the stuff, and to be more efficient.  But, I have since learned there was so much more to His simple instructions for this year.  He wanted me to clear more space for Him.  When all the “other” things take up all the physical and spiritual space, we simply push Him out.  But Jesus wanted my home, my heart to be a place of refuge.   To be big enough for Him to take the center spot. I thought I was simply getting rid of toys – but I have since learned that I am in fact creating space to spend more time with Him.  Unencumbered by all the clutter and refreshed by the space to withdraw.

Does this resonate with you?
What are ways you are decluttering your life and making more room for God to occupy?

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  1. For me, I've been realizing that I am not as grateful or content as I should be. God has been working with me to clean these areas up. To consciously and intentionally verbalize thanks and to battle discontentment by getting rid of even sarcastic comments and eye rolls and being too nostalgic about the past (so much so that I am failing to be present) These are challenging because they have become unhealthy habits. But I realize that if these things are coming out in my words and actions then my heart is not full enough with good and pure things. So...clean clean clean!


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