I have been dying to make my little creative girls an art station for sometime now. After catching a little break from sewing, and my husband giving me free time to go out and about kid free for my birthday, I figured it was time to take a trip to home depot to look.

I went in with the idea of making a table for them with the hairpin legs, but when I arrived I realized they didn't carry them. BUT, like any creative mind, you see other possibilities and thats where the wall mount idea was born. 

I'm not the most wood-knowledgeable girl but home depot is filled with experts that are always helpful. The guys at my store have always been awesome in helping me figure out anything I'm brainstorming on. I'm sure sometimes they are wondering if half of my projects work out! I found some wall mounts and they found a wood piece that was perfect for my wall mount. It was a laminated pine at 21/32" X 18" X 6'. They cut it down to 13" X 42" for me and I kept the scraps for any extra use along the way. Then I searched for the wall mounts. I found the ones pictured for $3.97 each. I thought it'd be so cool to put a dowel rod there to put tin baskets for their markers and crayons. The dowel isn't pictured but I bought one at 1/2" in width and cut it down to 42". Its cheaper to buy them by the foot than it is to get the precut ones. Below shows you the supplies you will need.

Laminated pine at 21/32" X 18" X 6'

Dowel rod at your preferred thickness

14" X 3" Everbilt wall screws

10 X 5/8 Everbilt screws

(2) Wall brackets



Drill and drill bits

Stud finder (optional)

I started by sanding the wood, I used 120 grit sand paper. I just took it slow and easy for the smooth layer. I then took a candle to round that sharp corner off and to make sure each corner was sanded the same. (You can use anything that is round to do this)
Then polyurethane it three times. I would put a coat on and let it sit for 4 hours. Gently sanded, wiped, and then reapplied to get that good protecting coat from having marker stains. 
While it was drying I did a trial and error on finding the studs in the wall to ensure it stayed up. That way if the girls leaned on it or the occasional standing on it happened it would be secure. When in the stud it should hold up to 120lbs. I went up 19in when adding the wood it would be a total of 20in in height.

Now for the fun decorating part that we did while we awaited the drying process! We took clothes pins and painted them according to their room colors. I took that spare wood we cut and hot glued the clothes pins on it to hold their masterpieces. It was best to nail it into a stud then glue the clothes pins to hide the nails.
After much shopping at AC Moore and Walmart for frames, letters, and acrylic paint, then Etsy.com for prints, the girls and I finally finished it up together. 


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