Let me share a simple photo with you.
One that quite simply sums up my current personal pressures. 

These little shoes. These little feet. These laces that relentlessly come untied. These are the pressures that are painfully creating beauty in my life as we speak.

It happens more times a day than I would care to count. More times an hour actually. I see them running through the dirt or across the classroom, the laces dragging through the mud and dirt and spilled apple juice and before they even utter the words, “Miss Rachel can you tie my shoes,” or “Maestra, me abroachas las agujetes?” I am already cringing. I feel it happen. I don’t feel like bending over again and touching those filthy, dirty laces that have been who even knows where and a huge part of me wants to make them see how much I despise this task that is mingled among so many other unlikeable tasks throughout my day. 

But then.

Almost every single time.

I am reminded of that moment at the Last Supper. When Jesus, the Savior King of the entire world, knelt down on his knees not once or twice or even three times, but twelve. And gently, compassionately, and with great joy, he scrubbed clean the dirty, flakey, burly feet of all twelve of his friends. Even the ones who made him the craziest and hurt his heart the most often. He wasn’t angry with their questions or reactions or ungratefulness, he was simply there to serve. Because that’s who He was. That’s who He is. And that’s who He has asked me to be for these little ones.

Every single day I am crammed into a tiny classroom with nine three-year-olds, and every single day my job is this: to introduce them to Jesus by showing them His love. Even if it means tying the same set of shoelaces 743 times in the same day. I must tie each pair with grace and joy and a smile and if I really want to be Jesus I should find it within me to end each of these interactions with a hug. 

The truth is, every single time I don’t want to tie those shoelaces and I make the choice to do it with a smile and with grace and with genuine love, I am becoming a fraction more like Jesus. And even a fraction more of Jesus than of Rachel is a win for that day. Even a fraction more of Him in me equals a fraction more of a chance for these babies to know Him and to experience His love. 

Let’s try something today. 

Snap a photo of your pressure points and maybe share a quick blurb about how moments like that one are creating something beautiful in your life! 

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