A few months back we had the opportunity of hearing from our lovely friend, Miriam. Today she is giving us a few fashion entries from her outfits while she was on a recent trip around Europe. This girl knows what she is talking about! 

Okay, it's time for Miriam to teach us a thing or two about fashion and fashion for the journey. Enjoy!

These pictures were taken in Niza, the French Riviera.
Is there any place in the world you really, really, really would like to know? Guess we all have it. One of those places for me, was Niza. Really, you have to go! Staring at the sea and walking along their most famous avenue (Promenade des Anglais), exploring its streets, eating, etc.
To be honest, one of the things I enjoyed the most was shopping at the Antiques market near the beach! So cool to see scarfs, purses, clothes and all kinds of curiosities. By the way, the scarfs are lovely, you have to get at least two! So beautiful, colorful and elegant.
Just because you are a “tourist” does not mean that you should ONLY be concerned with comfort. Please share beauty, style and color everywhere you go. Wear nice and comfy clothes, of course also wear comfy shoes, take a nice but practical bag, put your glasses on and get out there and explore the world!
I always say it: “The best way to explore a place is by walking.” So please pack your prettiest sneakers ladies!

Jacket: From a boutique in Barcelona
Mini bag: Tommy Hilfiger
Hat: Zara
Scarf: Niza Antiques Market

Loved this city! So big, so interesting, so full of life and color.
In Barcelona I found the best and most diverse types of clothing and styles. It is great how people express their own self and style with what they wear, just fantastic!
Las Ramblas, Plaza de España, Sagrada Familia, etc. some places you really have to visit when you go to this city… also please be prepare, because honestly you are going to have to walk a lot! SO FUN to discover a city by walking and walking!
That´s what made this the perfect place to rock my metallic gold comfy Vans!
Dress with interest and lots of color wherever you go, mix your pieces and be yourself.

Sweater: Polo Ralph Lauren
Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren
Printed jeans: Zara
Shoes: Vans

Pink coat: Zara
Shirt with flowers: Mexican store “JULIO”
Jeans: Zara

This European city-State is BE-A-U-TI-FUL!
One of my favs! The streets are gorgeous, the buildings, the stores and life style… So cool.
Such a big pleasure to walk by their gardens and parks full of flowers, trees and cute spaces just to sit and stare at the sea.
In one of my classes on etiquette and protocol, my teacher (Ceci Chalita, an awesome and elegant Mexican women) told us: “Wherever you go, do what you see.” – of course she didn’t mean to be rebellious or do whatever you like…she meant that you should try to be flexible and enjoy the place you are in, trying to coordinate with the current context, being yourself of course!
French Riviera, I love you!

Coat: Stradivarious
Hat: Zara
Shirt: Polo Ralph Lauren
Jeans: Zara
Scarf: Niza Antiques Market
Mini bag: Tommy Hilfiger

Germany is a great nation, honestly it is so impressive to see how people enjoy, live in calm and respect each other. The culture is so great and in general there is an atmosphere of peace.
In this photo I´m in Cologne, a little city that seems like it’s straight out of a fairytale.
A couple of Mexican friends (I should mention here how awesome they are) met up with us on our trip in Germany. They took us to four German cities and that was an adventure that I will never forget. It is so good to know that even in other parts of the world you have nice people that love you and take care of you, will be a tourist with you for a bit, and make time to help you experience the culture you are in. Friends, real friends are such a blessing!
We walked a lot and ate a lot too! BTW, the black shoes that you see are the most comfortable and trendy ever! The brand name is GEOX, you can find them all over Europe. Simply the very best at a fair price!

Shirt: Mango
Jeans: Pimkie
Shoes: GEOX
Mini bag: Tommy Hilfiger

As you can see in this photo, few things give me shame haha.
On my German adventure, I found great places, restaurants and a few fun pigs. The story of these three buddies is interesting.  They are part of the cities personality. They are just hanging around in one of their most important streets for people to enjoy and have fun with them.
Another tip: When in Germany, you have to go to KAMPS; in my opinion, it is one of the best bakeries I´ve tried.

Jacket: From a boutique in Barcelona
Sweater: Mexican brand “JULIO”
Hat: Zara
Jeans: Zara
Purse: I bought it in Venice! 100% leather, great price and beautiful colors.

Such a pleasure to share with you girls a little of my trip to Europe and some fashion along the way.
Always be genuine and choose the comfy stuff, but never leave out your sense of style and splashes of color.
Lesson learned: Enjoy exactly where you are and embrace the time you have there. Let go of shame and have lots of fun!

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