A few years back, I officially began my journey to getting healthy. It is, if nothing else, a journey thought isn’t it!? I was paired with a FANTASTIC trainer at my gym in Seattle and she quite literally changed my life. I remember the first time I was going to travel since I had started working out with her. It had been about six months, and I was terrified that I was going to lose everything I had worked for during my week in Guadalajara, MX (oh the irony of that.) But Heidi being the dedicated trainer and creative health genius that she is, sat down with me and prepared me for my trip. We talked about the things that I would splurge on while I was there, the fact that I would be less vigilant but not completely unhinged, and she even came up with a workout plan for me to use while I was there; something simple and manageable to fit in between exploring. It was then that I learned the value of not throwing in the towel on your health goals for a week here or there. Health is a lifestyle and that means that it doesn’t stop just because you are on the road or in a different location. The key is intentionality.

Here are the top tips that I have found to be most helpful on my own journey.

#1 Plan your splurges.
The truth is, it’s vacation. A special occasion. A new place or an experience you don’t get to have often. Of course you are gong to want to have your favorite ice cream when you are visiting your hometown or try a crepe on your trip to France. That is natural. And you should! But think ahead. Make a list of the top three things you want to splurge on. If you get there and decide to just eat anything and everything you want, you actually probably will be too sick and stuffed to enjoy any of it. Choosing your few and sticking with it is a great way to treat yourself without going overboard and planning ahead is always crucial so that you don’t get caught up in the moments and the hunger.

#2 Fit Forward
Think ahead about where you are going to be. Does a family member or friend have a gym membership that you can use for the time you are visiting? Does the hotel you are staying in have a workout room or pool? Are you staying somewhere with cool trails to hike? Traveling is of course a fun time to explore and adventure and treat yourself, and it’s also a great time to get creative with your workouts! Try something you normally couldn’t fit into your workout routine at home. For example, last year in Florida, I soaked up the opportunity to run along the beach and get in some laps in the crystal clear water! Make it a together activity to hike or go to the gym while visiting loved ones. Fitness doesn’t have to be an inconvenient thing, especially while traveling! Make it part of the adventure and the experience.

Running/athletic shoes
Sports bra
Workout outfit
Resistance Bands
Even if you are unsure that you will find time to workout while traveling, come prepared. You don’t have to pack a whole workout wardrobe or your home gym, just a few items to have available if and when the opportunities might present themselves. You are way more likely to find the space in your travel sched if you made the space in your suitcase!

Here’s a simple on the go workout that requires nothing but you!

*If you have access to weights, add them in!

Of course this is not going to be as intense as your normal workouts or provide the same results, but I have learned along the way that something is always better than nothing (especially in regards to health and fitness). Even a few jumping jacks and crunches are better than none. Remember that on the road!  Don’t expect too much out of yourself and take time to relax and rest, but also don’t assume that travel means health is on pause!

Here's an added bonus! A yummy + healthy smoothie.

This is a delicious smoothie recipe good for any time. Click on this image and save the photo to your phone for easy access, if you would like.

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