Hello there! Thanks for stopping by today. This whole month we are talking about A Road to Somewhere. Truly, we are all on a road to somewhere. We are all going somewhere, and the goal is regardless of where we are or where we are going, to live for God and to make Him known. That's it! And it is incredible to hear how some have been called on a road far removed from their home to make Christ known. What courage they have to step out onto that unknown and unfamiliar road to embark on all that God has for them. However, as we have read the past several days, not all of us are on that unfamiliar, distant road. Regardless of where God leads us to live our lives, He has called us all to make Him known as we live for Him... right where we are.

And let me tell you, right where you are is the perfect place to allow God to use you.

You know, I am the type of person who loves adventure, trying new things, exploring, and all of that fun stuff, yet I don't seem to do those things as much as I would like. I love the new things, but I also love things that are familiar and "my normal." For example, I love trying cute, new restaurants, but I like to go to a place that I have tried and know that I like. Another example... There are a lot of Starbucks locations to choose from around me. All of them have different vibes, different styles, and attract different crowds. But there is just something about going to "my Starbucks" that the others
can't compare to. You see what I mean? Love the new, but I also love the old.

I think it is easy for all of us to get stuck in our routine. Lately, it has come up several times in my conversations, that we often stay in our own little area. We go to the same grocery store(s), frequent the same restaurants, visit the same shopping centers, have our favorite coffee shop, and even drive the same routes in many cases. We have a routine, and it works for us. As they say, if it isn't broken don't fix it. I am often surprised at different places I hear that are in my area, shocked that I haven't heard of it before. Does that happen to you?

We can all get stuck in our ways, I know I can! The thought has occurred to me, especially in our discussion this month, it is awfully hard to reach people with Christ if we aren't reaching out. I think we have this idea in our minds that if we want to make Jesus known... if that is the desire in our hearts... we are open to it... that is enough. You see, we can want to tell people about Jesus all day long, but until we find someone to tell it is worthless. We may even pray for opportunities to share Christ, but perhaps we aren't on the road that leads to opportunities.

I picture it in my mind as a route that we, for the most part, live by. We leave home and go to point 1, then point 2, point 3, and so on, until we finally circle back around to where we started, home. I imagine one big loop that illustrates the routine we live by. If you are seeing what I am seeing, you will notice that road leads back to where it started; it doesn't lead to anything new or different; it doesn't take us to opportunity.

My point in all of this is we need to get on the road that leads to opportunity. Rather than waiting for
God to drop an opportunity in our routine, let's break out of our routine and follow the road to opportunity. Go somewhere new. Try a different grocery store in town. Branch out and visit another part of town. If you are part of a chain of gyms, try a different gym location. Seek out a new coffee shop. I think you will be surprised at all of the new opportunities that will greet you. New surroundings to broaden your view. New people to engage with. New opportunities for relationships and new opportunities to make Christ known.

Can I challenge you with something? 
Just try it.
This weekend or this next week be intentional about getting out of your routine and getting on the road that leads to opportunity. Discover new places in your city. Find the undiscovered corners of your community that are unseized opportunities. Even something as simple as taking a walk in your neighborhood, or if you already do that, taking a different route in your neighborhood. It could be the opportunity that opens the door to a conversation with someone working in their yard, or walking their dog, or playing with their kids outside; and this in turn could be just the opportunity you have been praying for.

Take part in this challenge and share it with us!
Whether through a picture on Instagram, a comment on our Facebook page, or a private message or email, let us know how you are breaking out of your "normal" and finding the road to opportunity.

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  1. It's SO true. I was just thinking about that this week. I mean yes, I did leave my comfort zone to live in a foreign country..BUT now that I live here, I have found a norm and a routine and fallen into a comfort zone just like everyone else. I keep thinking, I need to make the MOST of this place and this season and reaching people and stop watching so much Netflix. Tomorrow I will be helping with my first church event which is a big city outreach. I am excited about that and doing more things like it in my time here in Guadalajara :) Thanks for the push and the inspiration and the reminder!


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