Salt and light... Two things that we can't seem to live without. Both add a little something to our lives in various ways. We, as people who make it our aim to please Christ, are also called to be this light and to add a little flavor to this world, wherever that may be. I happen to have the honor of knowing someone who adds a little more flavor than others... My sister. 

Kellie has been a missionary in Central America for the past four years. She has been on a journey to follow the call of Christ on her life to bring life and flavor to the world around her. For her entire life, she has grown with the idea that she would carry Jesus to people who don't know him, and I respect her so much for that. 

This journey and life calling is nothing short of an adventure. There have been fun days and plenty of not so fun days. Days when she sees a kid "get it" for the first time and discover who Jesus is. Days when nothing seems to go right and there is no water in your house and you miss your family and question why you even began this journey.

On both sorts of days, there is one truth. She has not been called to be comfortable or even to live for her own dreams and purpose, but rather to glorify God and make Him known. To be salt and light in a dark world. While she happens to be living her dreams and purpose out in Central America, doing exactly what she was created to do; we don't all share this exact passion. We are not all called to go to Central America or even another country or city, and that's okay. In fact, it's the beauty of the body of Christ. We are not all called to be missionaries in Kelly’s sense of the word, but we have been called where we are right now. 

Each one of us has the responsibility to share the love and grace of Jesus with the world around us. We are called to be the light and salt where God has us. The idea of missions can seem kind of daunting... Go tell the entire world about Jesus... Woah. Individually, that's a big task. But when we all play our part in this Mission the job becomes a little more manageable.

So, whether you're like me and don't feel called to the jungles or to some foreign place, or whether you happen to be like my sister who can't imagine anything else, we all have the incredible task of being light to those we meet. It's awesome when we, as the body of Christ, each do our part in fulfilling the mission.

Who can you bring some light or some flavor to today?? 

Here's a little reminder for you. Click save and set it to your phone background for a constant reminder that you are the salt of the earth... living for God's glory!

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