Heart to Heart: Top Three Tips

This month we are talking from the heart here on The Pearl Press. Our hope is that we are encouraging you to do the same and to sit down for some sweet heart to hearts with other women in your life. Here at The Pearl Press we are all about growing and becoming together. We want to see women of all ages and in all stages of life coming together to encourage each other to keep vibrancy in their spirits, to cultivate their souls and to find balance in the everyday. 

Here are a few of our faves at the moment. Call up some friends and try these out together. And while you're at it, sit down for a little heart to heart. 

#1 Whimsical Waters
Okay. So we know this is nothing super new, but it is the craze right now and we are all about it! The possibilities are endless and really the only thing limiting you is your creativity (and perhaps the produce section at your local grocery story.) Here are a couple that we love. Of course as you explore and get creative, snap a photo and share your ideas! It's always lovely to offer someone a cold glass of water, but how fun and colorful to add a fruity little twist. Water is just prettier with fruit and it's sure to change the mood of any little get together. Not to mention, it's an inexpensive, simple way to add sparkle to summer days.

1. Citrus Sunshine Water
For a few weeks now, I have been making a big batch of this (by that, I mean slicing up some fruit and tossing it into a full pitcher of water) to keep in the fridge for the week. Living in Mexico and walking to and from work, there is nothing like a refreshing glass of ice cold water waiting for me when I finally sit down for the day. But it's been even sweeter and more refreshing simply because I added a little splash of color and flavor! And word on the street is that citrus water is good for curving appetite and detoxing the system! What's not to love!?

-Fill a pitcher with water
-4-6 slices green apple
-3 slices seedless orange
-3 slices lemon
-3 slices lime
(The longer you let it sit, the more flavor the water will soak up. It usually starts to turn bitter after about five days or so.)

2. Melon-Berry Mint
I haven't tried this one out yet but it is at the top of my "must try" list and I will be keeping you posted with the results. It just looks so pretty and sounds super yummy!

-Fill a pitcher with water
-10 large strawberries
-½ cup of sliced watermelon
-¼ cup of mint leaves
-6 cups of water
(*Recipe found on Pinterest and renamed by yours truly)

#2 Coffee Creativity

Who says you have to meet at a cafe every time you want to sit down for a cup of coffee with your friends? Of course visiting your favorite little places and trying new ones are always fun...and by the way...try the new ones! If you have decided to go out and chat, decide to be adventurous and find a new local shop to check out together! 

 But also, don't be afraid to invite people into your home. It might seem lame or unexciting, but there is something special about sharing your space with someone that opens the floor and hearts for real, authentic conversations. And it's not like you have to serve up a cup of Folgers! (Unless that's what you like, then more power to you!)

I am personally a coffee snob. Seattle destroyed me in that way. But, I love to share my home and good coffee with people at the same time. Here are a few of the ways that I make at-home coffee dates a little more fun....

1. I have an extensive coffee mug collection. Sure it's partly because I love collecting a little something in the places that I have adventures, but it's also because I love it when people come into my home and get to choose from the collection for their cup of coffee. It's fun because each mug has a story and I get to tell it when they choose and I also learn a little something about them based on their selection. 
So. Yes. I am in fact telling you to grow your coffee cup collection! I mean don't go crazy (or do ;) If you travel this summer, pick up a mug from your time away. Or, plan a fun day with friends to scour thrift stores and garage sales to expand your collection. You could even plan a coffee cup crafting day. There are lots of sweet ideas floating around to spice up your mug collection. What a fun way to share a cup of coffee and make memories in the process!
This fall in Guadalajara, some friends and I were disappointed that the fun fall cups from Starbucks didn't make it here. So, we decided to take matters into our own hands. We planned a night of pumpkin baking and got some plain coffee cups to decorate. Of course there was lots of chatting and laughing mixed in and it was a lovely evening together and a fun memory. 

2. Make it more than a cup of coffee. Think about your favorite cafe...what is it that you love? It's the little details right? Sure they have good coffee, but it's the friendly servers, your name on the cup, the colored straws, and all of the other little choices you get to make that make it so special. Am I right!? 

So create a coffee experience in your home! Brew a pot of coffee and then serve it spectacularly! Clear off the table (except for flowers and special pretties) and make it all about the way you present it. I found some fun little individual creamer cups and purchased a few. I fill them with a couple of milk choices (usually light and almond) and put them in the center of the table. I always have some fun paper straws on hand and I put those out in a fun jar. I found some cute little flower/heart/star ice cube trays at the dollar store and I always have a bowl of those on hand in the freezer to make my infused water and iced coffee dates a little more fun. I've also started pouring left over coffee into an ice cube tray so that I have coffee iced cubes to toss in as well. Light a candle and have a couple of yummy sweets on hand and your friends will be begging to skip the cafe and come to your place for coffee from now on! 
#3 Fun with Fresh Flowers
Perhaps it's just me, but nothing makes me feel more at home or more welcome than fresh flowers. One of my favorite things about living in cities are the local markets that come with. These usually make access to fresh flowers very simple and affordable. Although my options here in Mexico are not quite as elaborate as they were in the Pacific Northwest, I am still thankful to be able to grab a bunch on my walk home from school. I always save some space in my schedule and my budget to stop when I know I am having people over (and sometimes just because I want flowers.) 

Have fun with them! I save tin cans and pretty much every glass jar and bottle ever. Don't limit yourself with sizes either! You can always trim them down and spread them out and fill the room with florals! I love mixing them up and arranging them in the containers and around my little upstairs flat. And believe me when I say, it doesn't have to be expensive! I know that flowers can get pricey...but don't get trapped into thinking you need a bunch of roses or bright tulips each and every time. The last time I stopped, I only had fifty pesos (about $2.50) so I opted for the bunch of wild, dried flowers and a couple simple stems. I spilt it up in big and little containers and mixed it in with the few bright stems and it was lovely and affordable. Oh man I love using lovely and affordable in the same sentence!

Those are just a few of the things we are bringing along to our heart to hearts this month. We would love to see what yours are looking like!  
Here's to a month of loving and laughing and lots of growing together.

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