All Grace. All Jesus.

Often times when talk of testimonies arises, I find myself feeling a little shy and silly.

What do I have to say?
What grand story of salvation do I have to tell?
The girl who was literally prayed into existence and born into church?
What do I possibly have to say about experiencing the freedom of Christ in my life?

Everything. Absolutely everything.

My entire life it turns out, is a beautiful story of what the blood and salvation and freedom of Christ can do in one person. Every single day of my life, from my very first breath, is a testimony to the freedom, the saving blood and power of Jesus Christ.

His power to keep us is just as strong and beautiful as HIs power to rescue and save.

The truth is, our kind chose to sin. Humanity (as a whole) represented in Adam and Eve chose “freedom” and knowledge over God. And since the garden, each and every one of us are born doomed. With a sinful, human nature alive and well inside of us. Programmed to choose as our kind did long ago. “Freedom” over rules. Ourselves over God. From the very start. The moment we take our very first breath.

That being said, we cannot save ourselves. In fact, we cannot even recognize our need for saving without the brilliant revelation of Christ. Without Him showing us the nature of who we are and where we are headed because of it. Showing us simply by showing us who He is that we need saving from ourselves. Only He can redefine our version of freedom and of rules and turn our worlds upside down to finally see it how He sees it. He who is all grace and all truth comes to rescue us. To show us the truth about who we are and in the same moment offer the sufficient amount of grace to fix it. All of it. Once and for all.

That, my friends, is the miracle of Christ in the human heart. HIs life and death and resurrection actively changing lives through generations.

But here’s the thing...As much as we are unable to save ourselves, we are just as unable to remain in Him after He has brought us to Himself and rescued us from ourselves. We need Him as much in the keeping as we did in the saving. Perhaps even more. To daily die to our human nature,  to who we were before Christ, is absolutely impossible without His person and His presence alive and welcomed in our lives.

And that is why you and I and every last person on the planet are exactly the same. That is the leveling factor. The thing that makes us no better or no worse or more doomed than anyone else. We are equally doomed from the start. Headed in the same direction and deserving the same fate and all of the same consequences. We are equally needy and equally desperate. It’s only a matter of where and when Christ finds us-meets us-rescues us along the way that makes us any different.
And only that.

And once He finds us and rescues us and calls us to live for Him, we each require the same keeping power to stay and stick it out.

So while once I believed I didn’t have much of a story to tell or a testimony to share or maybe even that my life was a little cleaner and prettier than someone who found Christ later, I now can see how wrong I was. That my story holds just as much power. And not because it's “cleaner,” but because it required the same amount of Jesus.

Perhaps He found you and rescued you later and pulled you out of deeper and darker places than I have ever been. Perhaps it took what seems like more grace to convince you of your need for Him. Perhaps it required more of that keeping power and grace to lead me here.

Either way, we all need the same Jesus. His miracle grace in our lives. His freedom. And we all need the same amount of Him. Whatever our story.

So here is the other place we differ...We each get to tell our own story about what the salvation and freedom of Christ looks like in our lives. How His story that is for all of us becomes personal for each of us. When and where and how He rescued us.

For me, the little girl who grew up in church and whose father had her quoting scripture long before she could read, my freedom story looks like Ike this: I grew up free to love and serve Christ. To accept Him and live for Him when I was very young. I was free to speak of Him and free to share Him. Free to base my entire life upon Him, to build my whole identity around who He is. I grew up free from deep pain and sorrow and traumatic experiences. Free to be a little girl and to express myself. I grew up with the knowledge that true freedom is found in living for Christ and according to the boundaries He lays out for us. With the understanding that in saying yes to Him and no to what the world has to offer I would be truly free. Free from heartbreak and pain brought on from sin consequences. Free to lay my head on my pillow each night and rest without guilt and shame weighing heavy on my heart. Free to trust Him and free of worry that comes with trying to figure out this thing called life on my own. The freedom of following Him and knowing that where He leads and how and when is best.

I love that I have known this freedom, this love and grace and salvation for always. That I cannot imagine my life any other way. That I have not lost any time in serving Him and loving Him and knowing who He is and who I am because of Him. But I also adore the stories that are rich and heavy in His glorious power to rescue and save from what seem to be unreachable places and impossible darkness. The stories that remind me of the parts of Him that my story makes it easy to forget and take for granted.

Did I make mistakes and fall into sin? Absolutely.  Will I in the future? Absolutely. I needed and still need and always will need just as much of Jesus and His grace in my life as the next person.

My story too is all Jesus.
All grace.
All about what happened when He rescued me and set me free.


  1. This is so true and what a great reminder to be thankful for His grace and share it with those around us!


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