Get your hands on grace.

I don't know about you, but I am a visual person. I like to see things. It helps me stay focused and keeps things in my mind. I use it as a way to remember things and keep my mind on "things above." For example, I love posting scripture verses on my mirror, set it as my phone lock screen, etc. in order to keep that verse on my mind and in my heart. It doesn't just help me memorize it, but it helps me think on God's word, understand it, and live it out.

Any of you like this??

Well, in case you are, or just want to spread your wings a little and surround yourself with grace this month, I am going to help you out. Below are pictures and link to printables, word art, clothing, and other items you can keep around you and let this month's message of grace be on your mind and get into your heart. You may not want to purchase any of these items, but maybe they will inspire you to get crafty and make something inspired by grace all on your own. Either way I hope you have fun and enjoy these inspiring items.

(The Pearl Press is not endorsing nor is this post sponsored by any of the below shops and businesses. We just liked these items and wanted to share them.)


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