Sweet Summertime

Summer is coming to an end whether you like it or not. September scents and crisp breezes and all things pumpkin are just around the corner. I, for one, could not possibly be happier about that. I am an autumn soul to the max. But there are certain things that are just sweeter in the summer.

If you are a summer soul then I am sure you could have added to my rather short list. (Actually you should just for fun in the comments below!) But for me, these things are sweetest in the summertime.

There are some girls that have been close to my heart for a rather long time. I was that teenager who got grounded from youth group and church activities because they were the only things my parents could see that I really, genuinely cared about. That being said, I grew up there and spent a lot of my time chasing around the younger kids. I was a Wednesday night teacher, a nursery helper, a VBS leader, a Junior Bible Quiz Coach, a Kids Camp counselor... you get the idea. I grew up an only child and so I loved adopting little ones around the church as my own siblings. I still sort of do. But this particular group of girls, they are special. They helped me find myself and my passion and my calling. They were a huge motivation in my decision to move to Springfield, MO and pursue my degree in ministry. So, any time I am home, we make it a point to get together.

It used to be crafts and snacks, then we graduated to evenings at coffee shops, but this summer, I knew we needed something a little bit more sparkly and spectacular. I now live in a foreign country, and they are all at the age when summertime means adventures away from home and even going off to college.

So, I settled on a BOHO (bohemian) picnic in the backyard at dusk. (You know, the ones you’ve seen plastered all over Pinterest all summer.) I decided we would wear dresses and eat sweets and make floral headbands and spend the evening celebrating the special bond that we have and have kept through the years. It really was just as sweet and special as I imagined and a memory I will always treasure with my “little sisters.”

Maybe you can take some of my ideas and recreate your own fun to capture a few more summertime memories before the warm nights slip away. Here is how I did it:

I gathered all of the most colorful, eclectic blankets I could find hiding around our house. For a boho picnic, the more prints and patterns the better!

Colored glass bottles and other little trinkets I had gathered from thrift stores made a lovely little table setting. I found some paper lanterns at the Dollar Store and strung them in the trees above our picnic area.

Candles (citronella of course), coffee, and cupcakes made evening chatting and laughter a little more magical. Oh! And sweet, summertime dresses were a must!!

Sparkly water with fresh berries and a pretty paper straw added some pizzaz to a colder beverage selection.

Finally, some old photo frames I have saved and carried along from a college event added a little charm to our selfies sessions.

I hope you can take some of these ideas and run with them! Plan a get together. No need to have a special occasion! Just celebrate the friends and loved ones in your life. Have some fun. Make some memories. And savor the final days of summer!

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