Daily Dose: Addressing sin

Happy Thursday! Thanks for stopping back by for the Daily Dose as we follow up on our conversation from Sunday (If you missed out on that you can read it here).

The thing is, just forcing myself to think about the word sin these last few weeks has been application in itself. Whether I try to intentionally avoid it or not, the fact is, that more often than not I do. Because if we are being honest, who really wants to spend a bunch of time dwelling on a word as dark and ugly as sin, let alone confronting all of the ways it has taken shape in our lives?

I am currently teaching a Bible overview to seventh graders in a Christian school in Guadalajara, Mexico. I polled the class at the beginning of the year when we first arrived at the story of Adam and Eve in the garden. I told them to imagine that they were living in a garden filled with trees that grew every kind of food ever. I then told them to imagine their favorite food of all times. God tells them that they can have whatever they want and however much of whatever they want...except from said tree that grows their absolute favorite food. One kid imagined a taco tree, another a lasagna tree. (The type of tree is irrelevant isn’t it? But alas, this is me attempting to relay Biblical concepts to teenagers.) I then asked them to put themselves in Adam or Eve’s shoes….well I suppose they didn’t have shoes...but you know what I mean. I proposed the question, “would you have eaten from that tree if God told you not to, despite how enticing it looked?”

No, Miss! God told us not to!

Of course they would have.
We all would have.
It doesn’t matter that it was Adam and Eve.
It could have been Joe and Sue.
It could have been You and I.
We still would have ended up here, this sin problem following us around and leading us to the grave.
It is the nature of humanity.
We are all programed for this at birth.
Sin is in our bloodline. Our DNA.
There is no denying that.

So how in the world do we even begin fighting that? What’s the point?

Well friends, whatever the sin, “this is just the way that I am,” or “I can’t help it, I was born this way,” are just not good enough excuses. They may carry truth, but they are not the final word on who we are or where we are headed. Allowing them to shape our identity and our destiny is unacceptable.

Let’s look at some very practical ways that we can start dealing with this issue in our lives and our hearts this week. I’m going to keep the exercise very general because sin is a snakey little thing and it slithers its way into each of our lives in deathly unique ways.

The bottom line is this. Sin always starts with a lie.
A lie being anything that is not truth.
Truth being the words and promises of God.
Satan wants to trick us by getting us to doubt God’s words and intentions.
He knows that we are weak and prone to sin...that it’s in us innately, and if he can just find our weak spot, he’s in and running things in no time.

So, let’s start there. This week we are going to address the lies that we have allowed to take root in our lives and hearts; the places where we have allowed satan to twist and dilute truth. The sin that has resulted from the lies lingering for too long.

I would encourage you to download or print the attached document and spend some time working through it this week! I know that sin is dreary and heavy, but remember that there is light and that in facing the darkness together we will run closer to the light and further from the dark shameful places where sin wants to keep us!


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