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I’m going to be honest, when  I was a teenager, I was a tremendously selfish person. I was only interested in my hobbies and having fun. And I certainly wasn’t going out of my way for anyone but myself. But four years ago (when I was 22) my emotional and spiritual blindness was beginning to wear off. I was finally waking up. It was so strange to me, but it is one of the best things that has happened to me.

Often  people ask me how I can believe there is a loving and just God if He can allow evil and darkness to remain in our world. It’s a valid question. Something so many of us struggle with in our minds and hearts. For all of us, the only answer is clinging to Jesus. To the light and hope and freedom and justice that can only be found in Him. That the world is desperately craving.
We are daughters of God, His managers and ambassadors, called to be reflections of His love and grace in our context every day.

Do not let the sadness or suffering or darkness all around you stop you from living out that call.
Do not become paralyzed or trapped in pessimistic or fatalistic ways of thinking and perceiving the world. Promise yourself that you will be the change you want to see in your world.

Madai's life inspired me.
Her story changed and touched my heart profoundly.

At the age of  22, I made a decision to take action; to be part of the fight against human trafficking. To see an end to slavery in my generation. To stand for social justice.

It sounds intense. To some, even crazy. Perhaps impossible. Unattainable. BUT, I think God is longing to demonstrate his love and justice for each and every victim. He wants to demonstrate that love and justice through us.

So, what can we do!?
The problem is huge. Massive. Deeply rooted and complex? We are so small in comparison….

I know, it sounds so simple and passive, but that is where Satan gets us. Convincing us that prayer isn’t doing anything at all and thus convincing us not to pray; that we have to be doing something to make a difference. That, my friends, is a lie. A big, fat, lie. Prayer is our most powerful weapon!

Pray hope.
Pray light.
Pray joy.
Pray strength.
Pray for God to reveal Himself.
Pray love and truth.
Pray freedom.
Pray restoration.
Pray healing.

Make a stand and refuse to live in blindness and oblivion any longer. Refuse to look away, to remain quiet, to sit back simply because it doesn’t touch you personally or because you have no idea where or how to begin. Talk about it. Start conversation. Educate. Inform. POST IT ALL OVER SOCIAL MEDIA!

I now belong to a team that is committed to doing just that. An international organization THE A21 CAMPAIGN (A21) I am part of its official representation in Mexico and in the state as a member of Team A21 Jalisco. It is a great privilege, and it refreshes my soul to see more and more people- especially young people- from all over the globe joining together in this struggle for freedom, for justice.

We can be hope in hopeless situations and light in the darkest of places. We can be a voice for those who are voiceless. We believe we are a different generation, a generation that may see the end to modern slavery. Because when we finally break free from selfishness and allow God to expand our viewpoint, to break our heart for the things that break His, there is no telling how He will use us!
Pearls, let’s care about the things that God cares about, the things and the people that weigh heavy on His heart, and then let’s do something about it!

At A21 we have a motto that fascinates me and that resonates in my mind and heart. Today, I am offering it to you also.

Wherever you go, whatever you do, let your legacy be freedom! For all. For your sisters that you share a bedroom with and for those seven time zones away, your neighbor down the street and in a far away land, the children that play in your backyard and the ones across the ocean facing grown up things every single day. Say "No!" to selfishness and "Yes!" to unconditional love. Follow the example of Christ.

You were created to leave a legacy.
A legacy of freedom.
A legacy for Christ.

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