3 things I didn't know about God

Happy Monday friends! I am so happy to be with you today taking on another edition of The Truth Project. I think it is amazing that we get to know our Creator, our God, personally. I think it is amazing that as much as we can (and should) learn about Him from the Bible, there is so much more we learn just by living life with Him. I mean, it's like with anyone we have in our lives. We can be Facebook friends with them... read their bio, see their interactions, but when we personally interact with them, have them over to our house, etc. we get to know a whole different side of them. That is what we get with our heavenly Father.

I will admit, there have been many, MANY times I have misjudged a person. (Yes I know I shouldn't be judging people, but it happens... don't judge me!) I could list many individuals who I had a preconceived idea of who they are and what they are about before I even speaking to them one time. I may have thought they were unapproachable, maybe even snobby and much too important to speak with me. However, I would soon find out how wrong I was after a simple conversation or encounter. Every time this happens I tell myself to not let it happen again! But it of course does.

We all have preconceived ideas of people. They are usually our first impression of them. But the more we get to know a person, the more time we spend with them, the deeper our understanding of who they are becomes. Our experience with them changes our view of them.

The same thing happens with God. We can be a Bible pro, but still our experience with Him tells us truths about who He is that we would otherwise be ignorant of. I love knowing God, but more than that I love understanding Him more and more as time passes and as I experience life with Him. So, here are 3 things I have learned... and continue to learn... about God:

This is one thing that I have to re-learn and remind myself of time and time again. Too often I find myself feeling the need to do, do, do, rather than be, be, be. I need to do this for God rather than be present with God. I need to do this to serve God rather than being a servant.

It's the picture of that person who is always good about doing something for you, but never finds the time to spend with you. Maybe it's you feeling guilty about not spending enough time with your kids so you get them that new toy that you know they have been wanting. It is the concept of doing all of the right things, but still feeling like you are missing something.

It really is an empty relationship when you find yourself in that role with God. It's the idea of what "hosting" looks like for us ladies. You invite someone over (maybe this was you at Thanksgiving) and you spend the whole time serving them, putting their coats in the closet, bringing out appetizers, making sure the perfect soft music is playing to fill silence but not disrupt conversation, getting everyone their drinks, bringing out the meal, and then dessert, and then clean up, and then.... you realize you have not spent a moment with your guests. You were serving them like crazy, but missed out on all of the "good stuff."

I know there have been many times I left Jesus in the living room waiting while I was trying to serve Him. I picture Him sitting in a large wing back chair patiently waiting and attentively watching me going in and out doing things for Him. His thoughts aren't at all, "Oh wow, look how she is serving me!" but rather, "I wonder when she will just come be with me."

I was apart of the misguided crowd who thought God had a plan for my life (which He does) and He would get me where He wanted me to be one way or another. His will WILL be done. So it is my job to stay where I am until He tells me where to go and what to do next. Maybe that trick I learned when I was a kid came back to me... when you get lost stay in one spot so your mom can find you! That is a pretty good method, however I have learned from my experience, that God doesn't necessarily work that way.

First of all, He hasn't lost you, He knows exactly where you are. There may be times in life when we feel lost, but He has never lost sight of us. The frustrating thing about this kind of mindset is while you are waiting for God to give you the push or shove in the right direction, you feel STUCK. Eww... I hate that word. But that is exactly what it feels like. STUCK in a waiting room. STUCK in a line. STUCK in mud. STUCK.

There are definite seasons of waiting that come in life, but many times when I have been waiting for God to push me in the right direction, what He was really doing was drawing me close to Him. Because as I draw close to Him, His plan is revealed more and more clearly. When I have been waiting for God to give me a shove, He has been standing by waiting for me to start moving so that He could guide me on the path He laid out before me. God isn't into the whole push and shove thing... He draws us into Him, puts His hands on our shoulders and guides us onward.

Too many times I have gotten caught up in my loses. I have asked God the same questions.

"I thought I was doing what you wanted me to do!"

"Why do I always seem to come out on bottom?"

"When will it be my time?"

"When will I get recognized?"

I have realized that many of what I consider my greatest loses, have become God's wins. You see when things aren't all about me, they can be all about Him. When I don't get the glory, God does. When my weaknesses show, so does His strength. The things that I didn't get, I realize I didn't need. In fact, they probably would have been a hindrance to me anyhow. Opportunities I didn't get were blessings in disguise. Time and time again I realize when you are on a winning team you just can't lose. #teamJesus

Are any of these things you didn't know about God?

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