Daily Dose: Living victorious

Hello Pearl Press readers! This week was Halloween (yay free candy!) and because of that, we wanted to discuss the topic of demons, and hopefully give a clearer understanding of how the Bible talks about demons and spirits. As I wrote in the article, God Himself is spirit and because of that, we also have an aspect to us that is spirit: we have a spirit or soul and we also interact with other spiritual beings (God, angels, satan or demons). Whether we have ever encountered a demon or spirit or if we have never done so, the fact of the matter remains that the Bible shows us that demons and spirits are present in our world. Around this time of year, though, many people embrace demons or ghosts or any form of the occult because it correlates with Halloween. For many Christians, demon stories become our ghost stories and we enjoy sharing thrilling tales of what demons have done to us, people we know, or other Christians from around the world. I think it becomes easy to see these stories as simply fictitious horror stories, and we either negate the power that evil can have over someone, or we give too much power to evil and negate the power of Christ to bring His purifying light into darkness.

There is a fine line when dealing with supernatural beings such as satan or his demons: on one hand we need to realize that these beings are destructive and only wish to bring about death such as in the story of legion of demons whom Jesus cast out into the pigs. As soon as they entered the pigs, the pigs ran off a cliff to their death. On the other hand, we cannot keep giving power to satan or his demons for every bad thing that happens. Satan is not all knowing like God is or all powerful like God. Satan cannot be everywhere like God can and he will never be victorious over this earth. Demons do come around Christians and even non-believers and can oppress them with negative thoughts, or unforeseen events. Demons can also possess people, but the power of Christ defeats any sort of evil, spiritual being. The seven brothers of Sciva learned the hard way that it is only by the name of Christ alone, and not that of Paul, or Peter, or Billy Graham or any other Christian, that demons are cast out of someone. The power of Christ is the only victory over evil. That being said, the Bible has already told us that Christ is and will forever be victorious. Satan never will; the demons will never win; evil will never win.

If you remember nothing else from this post, please remember that the God you serve is greater than anything that the enemy can bring at you. In the darkest place in the world, God is still there. In a place where satan’s forces seem to reign, God is still there. The same God that knew you before you were born and called out to you for a relationship with Him, is the same God who has already defeated death on the cross and satan with His soon return. The power of Christ that lives in you is greater than any demon or even satan. Jesus is already victorious, so let us live our lives in that victory. Let us not dismiss the notion of demons nor let us give too much power to demons, but let us live in the victory of Jesus Christ and share His victory to those still living in darkness!

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