Change it.

Change. I’m pretty familiar with this word. There have been many times when it has felt all too familiar...perhaps too much so. The last few years have been years full of change, but 2016 took the cake. Painful yet healthy change. I cannot say that I have always gone through change gracefully, but I can look back now, thankful for it. I remember crying out to God in desperation just begging to be done with the change and the transitions, but in every instance He would whisper with such gentleness, “Trust me, my dear one.”

I was sitting in a counseling session when I knew things had to change. Counseling was one of the healthiest things that I’ve ever done for myself. But it was in the midst of those moments when God began to stir things up and where a new season began.

I was so tired of new seasons. I was so tired of hard moments. I was so worn out from months of battling the darkness that seemed to control my mind. I felt like I should be able to push through it all and pull myself up by the bootstraps and keep moving. But that’s not what God was asking of me. He was asking me to trust. To listen. To move forward. To walk away from things that I so deeply loved.

He was asking me to change.

On June 6, 2016, some of my first and closest friends in Phoenix surrounded me as I said goodbye. I wept tears of sadness and longing to stay. It wasn’t fully real to me yet, but I physically ached from months of pain and change. This city that I loved, as if it had been mine my whole life, was now in my rearview mirror as I drove up I-17 and out of the valley. Landing back in my hometown in the midst of another new season, I knew meant braving the unknown. Only the Lord knew that I would live that unknown for the next five months.

Why am I telling you this? Because change is hard. Because we look at this world and the lives of others so often with rose colored glasses and secretly question why we are the only ones struggling. My dear sister, you are not alone in the midst of your struggle You are not alone in the midst of growth and change.. But please hear me, the change is necessary. God will never change and will forever be a refuge, but He is asking us to move forward. To sometimes say goodbye to the things we never thought we would have to leave behind, often the things that we have loved most.

He is asking us to trust.

So this year I’m choosing to trust. To be present. To not get too ahead of myself. To be still and enjoy this season. To not question God’s best for my life. To live a life of freedom. To constantly be reminded of God’s goodness and His saving grace. To not let my Type A personality of needing to plan get in the way of having some fun. To take new opportunities. To be still and follow.

To not be afraid of change but to welcome it with open arms. To change the way I view my present season. To change some bad habits to good habits. To change my view of change. To not be afraid or anxious about it.

This next week, take a few moments to list three things that you can or want to change. Then take one step at a time to change just one thing. That could be as simple as waking up 15 minutes earlier in the morning to be able to spend a few more moments with Jesus so that He can change or set up your perspective for the day. Or even changing your plans so that you can bless someone else. Whatever it is, make change happen this week!

Please share with us what God is doing and changing in your life or what changes you are making one day at a time. Here at The Pearl Press, we are ALL about #beautyunderpressure. We know that most change is painful and hard and sometimes long, but the reward in the end is a lustrous pearl. We want to see you thrive through that change and that pressure and we want to walk it with you! There’s a pearl in there, we’re certain of it, and we want to help you live up to your pearly potential! 

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