Hey there galentine

I used to call it V Day. It was funny to me because it sounded so much like D Day, and to me the two were rather closely associated. I only did that because I was trying to make light of how much the day hurt every single year. No one ever secretly sent me chocolate or flowers or put a love line in the school paper to me. I was forever the friend, never chosen, never adored, and as far as I was concerned, why on earth did we need a day specifically to remind me of that?

I know. You think it’s cheesy and so incredibly commercialized. You are way too mature and hipster to participate in a corporate holiday.

Okay, I’ll give you that the whole thing has gone in a rather cheesy direction, but let me encourage you today. You are so loved. Did you know that? I’m sure by many, but I’m certain by God. And you are not only loved, you are cared for and attended to so kindly and so personally. He pursues you and blesses you. He provides for you. He hears you and He responds to you. He died for you. He rescued you.

Is that, if nothing or no one else, not worth celebrating? This year, set aside anger and bitterness in regards to what this day may have meant or represented before. Change. Your mind, your heart, your perspective. Embrace love. The purest expression of it in the history of forever and the fact that you’re on the receiving end of it.

Happy Valentine’s Day dear friend. Do your best to process that thought and not roll your eyes at me ;)

He is near. Don’t believe for one millisecond that He is not.

Loneliness is a liar. It will isolate you and try to drown you. It will convince you that this is it for you. That you have lost love and companionship forever. That no one else is coming. That you are on your own and you cannot, should not, need anyone else ever. It will whisper that it’s better that way. You are better on your own anyways. Moment after moment it will drop those seeds into your mind and your heart, and before you know it, bitterness over all that you have lost and how cold and lonely the world has become will have taken root and suffocated all the rest.

Don’t let it. He is near. You are not alone. This is not the end for you. Love and companionship are not lost forever, they are just taking on new forms in new seasons and they will show up in unlikely places and people. Do not believe the lies that loneliness tells you. It is not better to stay alone. It is not better to push everyone away. You do need people. Open your heart to them. Learn to love again. To love differently and to find joy in new love and new seasons. Bite bitterness in the butt. Don’t let even the tiniest root plant itself in you.

Breathe deeply and move forward. Keep your eyes and your heart open to the love that God is trying to offer you today in the form of Himself and in the midst of new seasons and souls. 

You are magnificent. Truly. I know the waiting is hard. That it feels endless. I know you are so tempted to stop hoping, dreaming, longing. Perhaps you already have. I know you feel trapped in your thoughts, surrounded by dead dreams and empty hopes as the days and months and years whiz by. I know you think there’s something wrong with you. That there must be to have ended up here. I know you struggle to believe, really believe that God is still good and kind in all things.

Sweet friend, He is. All good and all kind.
There is absolutely nothing wrong with you. This has nothing to do with you and everything to do with Him and how good and kind He is. His refusals are always His mercies. There is time. Perfect time. His time. He is waiting because He loves you so dearly, so deeply and He longs for you to know that and to cling to it.

Dream again. Desire and long and hope. Let them take roots within the deepest places of your heart and soul and let them bloom there because You know He watches over them and tends to them with great, tender care.

Happy Valentines Day beloved sister. May it be filled with the sweetness of renewed hope and trust in the One who always has been and always will be, and is right now, the only love you need.

I get it. Valentines is probably a big deal for you. It is fun and special and exciting. You may have some pretty high expectations of grand gestures and sweet expressions. You may be looking forward to making memories and the special attention. You are so worth it, girl. You are worth the time and the attention and the special planning. Just remember whether things live up to your expectations or not, you are loved regardless.

Maybe you are under the "taken" category, but aren't looking forward to the Valentines festivities. Maybe things have been shakey with your man for a while. You wonder if it will just be going through the motions, or maybe awkward tension with few words exchanged. If this is you this Valentines, let me encourage you to intentionally give love and intentionally receive love. 

Sure you may feel like you are just going through the motions, writing cards and buying gifts out of obligation, but do it anyway. Love even though it is hard, and love fiercely. The more you practice showing love the more real it will become. And receive love! Don't let hurts and your record of rights and wrongs push away the love that is poured on you. Just receive it and know you are worthy of that love. 

Hey lovely, Happy Valentine’s Day! Happy Valentine’s Day, to you, the one who feels like you never are chosen. To the one who feels undesirable, unloved, and alone. To the one who feels rejected, set aside, and forgotten. To the one who has those lies whispered into your ear until they take root in your heart and you believe them to be a part of your identity. You need to know something. This is NOT who you are. YOU are desired. YOU are loved. YOU are not alone. You, yes YOU, are being relentlessly pursued by the Almighty God who created this magnificent universe we live in. The Creator of the balmy blue Caribbean, the majestic Swiss Alps, and the tranquil Black Forest, intentionally created YOU. Your deepest sense of identity can be rooted in the truth that the Savior of the world is passionately pursuing your heart and seeing your value. You may not have a date today, but you most assuredly are not unwanted and alone.

I know that the last thing you want is for someone to wish you a Happy Valentine’s Day. I’m certain it only stings to think of it. The posts, the flowers, the chocolates... the lack of them. I know you only want to stay still for fear that if you move in any direction you’ll be confronted with the sharp, shattered, scattered pieces of your heart. I know you are paralyzed by the aching and the thought that your heart will never be whole again. How you will even begin to pick up the pieces, let alone put them back together is a thought you simply cannot face. How will you ever love again, trust again, smile again, live again?

I get it. Really, I do. I’ve been there. More than once. My heart broken by many different people, words, circumstances, tragedies, my own choices….

It does get better. You will breathe again. You will live again and love again and trust again and smile again. Don’t worry about finding all of the pieces and don’t try to put them back together on your own. Hand whatever you have left in your hands to Him. The creator and the caretaker of your heart. He is a puzzle master. There is no amount of broken that he cannot fix, no shattered beyond repair. He will most certainly put every aching piece back in place and perhaps even rearrange them in an even better way. At any rate, you will be whole again, because He is the God, your God, of restoration and healing. He is the ultimate source of life and joy, of peace and comfort.

Broken hearted one, rest in Him today. In His love for you. Let go of fear, let go of fixing. Just be still and leave the rest to your dear, skillful Creator. The expert in all things regarding your heart.

That's right, I am talking to you an amazing lady! You are glamorous! You are fabulous! You are significant! Sure you feel like you have lived life and it is all down hill from here, but you are far from done. You have so much love to give, so much wisdom to share, so much life to live. So many look to you for guidance. They come to you for comfort. They come to you for love. If you haven't been told lately let me tell you know, you are so loved. 

Never doubt your importance. While we all believe that at some point life will get easier, it never does. You may be in unchartered territory, out of your comfort zone, at the moment, but even in these dim, dark waters, trust the One who has never failed. His love for you will never fail. Be strengthened by His great, strong, unending love this Valentines Day. Remember His goodness and treasure His grace. 

I know right now you might feel chained to hope. Like you just want the hope to end, so the waiting can end, because if hope would just let go so could the waiting. And so could the pain. But hope is something we can't escape. It's in us. It surrounds us. And hope is wrapped in the love of Jesus.

So embrace hope. Embrace the waiting. And embrace the pain. Remember, somehow, in all of the hope and waiting and pain, the purpose of Christ is in it all. His purpose doesn't make it easier. There will still be loneliness. There will still be moments where you doubt yourself, your worth, even God. The nights will not be easier. The long, hard, work-filled days will not be easier. But His purpose makes it worth it.

This Valentines you are wrapped in purpose. You are surrounded in love. You are chained to hope. You are wrapped in the arms of Christ.


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