Living for Applause

I think it is a common desire to be noticed. Everyone wants to be recognized for what they are doing especially when it comes to their work. Regardless of where you are working, for a big company or for your family, you want your work to be noticed, appreciated, and commended. It's normal! However, it is something we often get hung up on.

I can be honest and say too many times I have gotten my feeling hurt by the thanks that wasn't given, my hard work that didn't get the recognition, the time spent that didn't get acknowledged. Can you relate? Somehow I think we let others' response elevate or diminish our effort. And it's frustrating! It's something we may call a friend and vent about. 

"They didn't even notice!" 
"He took all the credit for what I did!" 
"I guess I am not really that great because no one ever says anything." 
"I worked so hard, and for what?"

It is a mind game that we too often buy into. What we do, who we are, must not be that important because it isn't verbally appreciated or acknowledged. You see, as long as we wait for someone else to validate what we do and who we are we will live in insecurity and in a mindset that we are working to please others. The apostle Paul fought this battle, and he came to the correct conclusion:

One conclusion I have come to through my own battle is if I am focused on all that I have done already I will get burned out, lose passion, lose focus, and become ineffective. But rather than focusing on all that I have done (without the recognition I feel it deserves), I must focus on all that still needs to be done. For you that may mean rather than killing yourself to prove to anyone how great of a mother you are, focus on the mothering that is left to be done. Instead of thinking of all that you do that your boss doesn't see, think about more ways to serve your boss and your company. If you can do this you will stay more encouraged, more inspired, and more passionate about accomplishing what God has put in your hands.

You see we shouldn't be living and working for anyone's pat on the back. We should be doing what we believe is the right thing to do. We should be working for what we believe in. People will always disappoint us. We will always feel under-appreciated at times, but as long as we are working for the purpose of pleasing God, we won't be disappointed with ourselves. I can recover from someone being let down, but if I let myself down that is a true tragedy. 

I encourage you to live and work and fight for what you believe in. Live on purpose. Live with a purpose. Not for the purpose of pleasing and impressing others, but to please and impress God. The Bible tells us that God sees what we do in secret and rewards us openly (Matthew 6:4). You see, God's approval is the only one we need. And when He applauds everyone hears it.

Here's a quote that I have always loved and think it is a great thought to live with.

Have you ever struggled with this? We would love to hear about it. 
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