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Toy Story quickly became a nation wide classic. I will admit that I was in tears in every movie! Especially the third one, man that was ridiculous. But there is one part in the first movie that literally has impacted my life. Yes my life! 

There is a scene towards the end, when Buzz and Woody have been captured and taken to the evil neighbor kid's house, Sid. Buzz has been strapped to a rocket awaiting his fate, while Woody, who came to bring Buzz home, is trapped under a crate. This is a major turning point in Buzz's toy life. 

You remember Buzz's grand entrance to the story, right? He was the coolest kid on the block, or rather the coolest toy in the toy chest. He arrives in Andy's room as a birthday gift, and immediately knocks Woody out of the park with all his buttons and gagets. He doesn't see himself as a space ranger toy. He IS a space ranger. He is important. He has a destiny. He has a mission! (Can't you hear the theatrical narration?) Of course the call-it-as-you-see-it sheriff emphatically informs Buzz he is NOT a real space ranger. He is NOT from another galaxy. He does NOT have a laser beam that shoots from his arm. He can NOT fly. And He is NOT Andy's favorite toy!

So, coming back to the image of Buzz strapped to a rocket, defeated and helpless; the major turning point. Buzz comes to the realization that the awesome space ranger that he once believed that he was, was a lie. He was nothing more than a toy. With this realization he felt his "life" was meaningless. He was ready to be destroyed by the rocket on his back because being a toy was such an insignificant role to have. It would be a pretty big let down to believe you were a space ranger on a mission to save the galaxy only to find out your were an action figure. He had believed a lie! But what if being a mere action figure was the real lie? (More on this later)

Like I said, Woody is trapped under this crate and is frantically calling out to Buzz for help. Here is their exact dialogue from the movie:

And then comes my favorite part. As Buzz listens to Woody he realizes what I hope and pray you will realize today as you are reading this:

I love, love, LOVE what Buzz does next. Buzz looks under his boot and sees the name "Andy"
written in permanent marker and realizes, "I belong to someone. I was made for this." Friend, there may not be permanent marker with God's name on your foot, but I can promise you it is on your heart. It is on there, in PERMANENT ink. Whether we believe it or not, whether we accept it or not, it is there. We belong to Him. And that is not going to change. He so desires for us to stop believing the lie that we are just this or just that. We are just as He made us to be. We are just as He purposed us to be. You are no insignificant thing. You are His masterpiece. You are His daughter. Never believe the lie that your life is not significant. Never believe the lie that your life has no value or purpose. The name that is written on your heart gives you all the significance, value, and purpose in the world. 

"For we are a chosen people, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people belonging to God..." 1 Peter 5:9

Clearly this is the most profound thing in this movie. Buzz realizes who he belongs to and it changes the end of the story. He doesn't get blown up. Woody is saved. The other toys get their revenge on the evil Sid, and Buzz and Woody get back to Andy.

If we ladies can realize who we belong to I know it will change the end of our story as well.

One thing I want to pull out from what Woody says to Buzz, that maybe you can relate to is this part:

Woody: You are a cool toy. As a matter of fact, you're too cool. I mean what's the chance a toy like me has against a Buzz Lightyear action figure. All I can do is (pulls string) "there's a snake in my boot." Why would Andy ever want to play with me? I'm the one who should be strapped to that rocket, not you.

Woody's biggest struggle throughout the movie was the feeling that he was being replaced. It was this competitive... or should I say comparative, spirit that we have all experienced at one time or another. We stop thinking about about how much God loves us and start thinking about why we aren't as lovable as the next girl. We aren't as perfect. Maybe we convince ourself that we have aged out of God's favorites. But sister hear this: you will ALWAYS be your Father's favorite. Always.

No matter how old, how tired, how used, how broken, you will always be His favorite. His name will never wear off your heart. You are significant. You are valuable. You have purpose. You are His.

You were made for this.
(I hope this scene from Toy Story impacts you as much as it has impacted me. Now you will have to go watch it! It is scene 23 if you want to go straight to it.)

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