Coming into Light

Bursting through the colored glass the light splashed across my face. The kaleidoscope of colors twisted and turned as the clouds pushed and pulled the rays of light through the sky. Though slightly chilled from the brush of wind on my back, the light warmed me through and through--all the way to my cold bones.

Standing amazed, stunned even, the light helped me to see mysteries and truths that time, hurt, and weariness had hidden from my heart. From my understanding. The light and the wind pushed aside the internal cobwebs birthing clarity to hidden visions and dreams.

That was the experience I had at the century old Chuny Abbey, France, as I walked on the stones and
tiles that priest and lay people alike walked on, knelt on, prayed on. Somehow in the ruins of this bombed out Abbey the light still poured through the remaining stained glass.

I felt the light and it changed me.

It's impossible to hide from light. It will find you whether you want it to or not. As a child my mom
rarely shouted at me to wake me from sleep. She just turned on the light. And that was enough to pull me from slumber into awareness. Even with my head under covers knowing the the light was on was enough to stir me from sleep.

God brings light to our lives many ways. Sometimes through people. Sometimes through situations. Sometimes through heartache. Sometimes through nature. But just knowing the light is on sometimes is enough to make us want it.

Our need for light is never attached to our want for light. We will always need light. But want? Want and desire...those are an entirely different thing. Though darkness can bring fear to a child there is comfort in knowing that God forgives ignorance. We're not held accountable for the realities that left the cobwebs of our mind.

Still, we should ask for the light of the Holy Spirit to pour over bring new life to bring light to every dark place in our mind, body, and soul. In doing so there is no doubt that the light of the Holy Spirit will find us and renew us. He will warm the cold places. He will bring clarity to our vision. He will give us passion to reach for our God-given dreams.

And just think, it's all from stepping out of the dark and into the light.

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