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Guys. Israel has changed everything for me. I'm really not kidding. I think of other ideas I had wanted to write about, but there was no getting past what God is doing in my heart currently though His Word.

If you remember back a few posts, I was writing and coffee talking to you from the Sea of Galilee in the heart of Israel. I've been home for three weeks now, and the repercussions of my ten days in the Holy Land are undeniable.

Exhibit A: I decided when I came home that I would start a journey through my chronological study Bible. (That is, after about five days of jet lag recovery and being completely frozen and overwhelmed from information and sensory overload.) I've had this Bible since my Bible College days and I've skimmed it here and there, but now seemed liked the perfect time to tackle it. To go big or go home.

It's been a week. I cannot for the life of me get past Genesis 1. Genesis 1 which I've read more times than I could ever remember or count. It's completely brand new to me. It's as if Holy Spirit changed out the old, worn down highlighter for a brand new one. And as I'm reading, He's reading along with me and painting the words with fresh, vibrant color. The words are quite literally popping off the page!

Now. Let me preface with this. I have not done any deep theological studies on this. I've simply let Scripture and Holy Spirit guide me. These thoughts are simply things that God has been revealing to me as I read His Word in light of returning from His land. Fresh perspectives and little links that have sort of been putting the story together for me. The goal here is to have a conversation. Because that's what Scripture should inspire. A dialogue. We should read and see brand new things (that are actually timeless God thoughts) and they should spark passion in us and that passion should ooze out of us in every single way. Including our conversations.

So, here we are.

I have always been fascinated at the very deep spiritual and theological connections between the first chapter of Genesis and the first chapter of John. And it could be residue from teaching John’s Gospel (yet again) this past year that has me stuck here at the beginning.

Several things popped off the page this time around:

God never actually speaks the darkness into existence. It says it was there. 

The FIRST thing God speaks is light. NOT the sun or moon or stars. That means there was light in the universe and in creation before any of those things…

God calls the light good, not the darkness. 

The first thing God does after He speaks the light is to separate it from the darkness. It goes onto say several times that the light and darkness were separated or divided.

I went from there immediately to the first chapter of John because those two are just woven together in my mind and heart.

Some things to note about this passage:

The Word (logos in Greek) is referring to Jesus. Meaning Jesus is God’s Word.

John is referencing the events we just read about in Genesis 1.

John is placing Jesus in creation and claiming that creation was impossible without His presence. 

John calls Jesus “the life and light of all mankind.”

I'll stop there. I mean….are you seeing what I'm seeing!?

If we look at these passages side by side (which I did so many times over this past week) the magnitude and depth of their meaning working in harmony is mind blowing. For me anyways!

I'll do my best to sum it up here.

If Jesus is God’s Word and the light of all mankind..

If there was light in the universe before sun or moon or stars…

If Jesus was there in the beginning…

Then couldn't we say that the very first “Word” that God spoke into creation and into the darkness was Jesus?

By no means am I making the claim that God created Jesus. I believe wholeheartedly that Jesus is One with God and the Spirit and was there all along. I'm simply presenting the thought that God looked out over the vast emptiness and darkness and spoke the one thing into it that could change the very nature of it: JESUS. And then and there He drew a line between the darkness and the light. Between Jesus and everything else. He called the light good. He only ever spoke light into darkness. Never darkness.

Let's take just a moment more to apply this. Because if we don't, what's the point?

I am called to speak light.

I am called to speak Jesus. 

So are you.

We all are.

That can look like a lot of different things, but in the end it's the same calling.

To look out at the darkness and emptiness all around and to speak God's original Word: Jesus Christ.

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