Christ be All Around by Michael W. Smith

What is your favorite thing about God?

Of course we would probably all agree that sending Jesus so that we could be saved would definitely be at the top of the list, but let's go beyond that amazing truth for a minute. What is your favorite thing about God?

Is it His matchless power? His never ending grace? His unobtainable knowledge? His uncontainable love? His sweet closeness?

There are too many great things about God to just pick one, wouldn't you agree? But one thought I want to bring to you today is the all-encompassing presence of God. All encompassing because He surrounds us.

You have probably heard about that attribute of God, that He is omnipresent, meaning He is everywhere. Wow! That's huge! But what I want to remind you of today is that, yes, God is everywhere, but He is also right with you. He is all around YOU. He isn't too busy to be bothered. He isn't distracted with all the turmoil of the world, even though He is very aware of it. He is not too big to get small. He is a personal God.

We should never cease to be amazed by God, by His power, by His greatness. He is AWESOME! I hope we never lose that awe and wonder as we sit back in amazement at our Creator. But while I find it amazing that God can do even more and even greater than we can ask or imagine (Ephesians 3:20), I find it even more incredible that this great God can do the small, seemingly meaningless, personal things in my everyday life. Maybe the most astounding thing about God is not the great things He does, but the small things He cares to do.

Friend, as much as God wants to and is able to meet you in the midst of tragedy and emergency, He longs to be present with you in the ordinary and mundane. He surrounds you in His presence, available for you to access and dwell in every moment of your day. From when you rise to when you lay to rest at night, Christ is all around you. 

Will you welcome Him in? Will you take notice? Will you access His loving presence for strength, guidance, wisdom, joy, love... whatever you need throughout the day? He longs for you to. He is making Himself available to you. The word dwell, when defined, means "to live or stay as a permeant resident." Dwell in Him and welcome Him to dwell in you.

Join us!
Join us this Thursday at 8:30 pm CST as we go live for #ThursdayCoffeeTalk. We will be doing Coffee Talk a little different this Thursday. Rather than going live on The Pearl Press Facebook page, we will be going live in the Pearl Life group on Facebook for 15 minutes of worship together. We would love for you to join us, take some time to dwell in God's presence and love on Him with us.

Don't know what the Pearl Life group is?
The Pearl Life group is a Facebook group for ladies who follow The Pearl Press to have a place to be just a little more candid and open. We share prayer needs, personal victories, and just life in general, but in a group that keeps things a little more private and personal. It is easy to join the group too! Just click on this link (Pearl Life Group) and ask to join. Someone from The Pearl Press team will quickly approve your request and then you can make an introduction so everyone can get to know you a little better.

Don't forget! This Thursday, 8:30 pm CST in the Pearl Life Facebook group, worshipping together. Can't wait!

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