Build Bridges Not Walls

DUMBO, Brooklyn, NYC

There are so many beautiful things about bridges.
The way they reach out over the water.
The way they sort of frame and define a landscape. Set it apart.
The fact that something so hard and structured and industrial can somehow compliment nature so well.

And I never cease to be amazed at how complex the architecture is and how spectacular it is that they reach deep down into the water and way up into the sky. That they manage to hold tons and tons and somehow appear so sleek and fragile. 

Mostly the connectedness they create. The way they bring land and people together. That they somehow make all that space between feel so much less. The way they make it possible to travel distances and chasms we otherwise couldn’t.

Jesus was a bridge builder. He was the only one that could tear down walls that we had built up with our sin and rebellion. Jesus tore down every wall we had ever managed to build and replaced it with a bridge that re-connected us to God. What Jesus did on the cross built a bridge over the largest chasm and the most impossible distance. It was complex and complicated and yet He comes to us so simply.

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