FLORAL FRIDAY: Keeping it fresh while keeping a budget

Today we asked my sister and Rachel’s adopted sister Danette to help us with some tips and tricks to have beautiful fresh flower arrangements without breaking the budget. One way to do that is by doing it yourself! Since Danette is our For Glory & Beauty go-to for all things floral and decor, we asked her to chime in for #FloralFriday.

Living on a budget requires work. But just like any good parent will tell you, we all need rules. It’s a boundary for us to live in. That’s what a budget does. It provides a boundary for us to live in. Living on a budget does not mean that we can’t have nice things. It just means we have to be wise. And really, that’s what God would require from us anyway. He wants us to use wisdom. 

I love fresh flowers and my favorite flower is the peony (Go vote on your fav flower on the IG / FB story!). I love the fullness of the flower. I love the colors. I love their aroma. Peonies have a short growing season. In a pinch, a garden rose will do. Peonies and garden roses are quite expensive (at least compared to a mum or carnation). But forging for foliage around your home or apartment will help limit your cost. 

Arranging flowers can seem like a daunting task. That’s why I would encourage you to keep it simple. Start with two colors—green and main arrangement color—and just one simple flower. As you grow more comfortable arranging feel free to add colors and textures by adding additional floral varieties. 

1. To start, arrange your greenery in a vase. Let it droop and just fall naturally. This greenery was foraged from right outside my door. I did bend the branches slightly. Make sure to trim the bottoms at an angle. This will help carry the water up the branch.

2. Trim up your main color flower. Pictured are garden roses. Pull off any green leaves that will be below your water line and pull the outer rim of Rose petals. This will help them to open up. Trim them to fit the vase. Start with one long and one short. Then, just fill in. 

3. Add the rest of your greenery. Look for holes and fill in with contrasting greenery. Make sure to trim them to the size of the rose they are staying next too. 

4. Add water and enjoy!

All in all, we spent about $20 on this arrangement, but you don’t have to spend that much. Once you have your vase, you won’t have to purchase one again. Plus, look for the flowers that are on sale. Many times Trader Joe’s will carry peonies for $6.99. 

Living on a budget doesn’t mean that you can’t have nice things. It just means you have to live in the boundaries you place on your money.

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