How to Health-ercise on Summer Vacay

Happy Fitness Friday! 
This probably isn't really a thing, but we are making it a thing today. Ha!

Every summer people all over up their health and fitness game... for obvious reasons. Even though the summer is prime time for being conscientious, it can also be pretty difficult too. Not only are people going on vacation, but just weekend trips seem to fill up most of the summer, and trips, getaways, retreats, etc. can really throw off your health game. So I am sharing a few tips and tricks on how to health-ercise while on summer getaways.

And what I mean by "health-ercise": Making healthy choices nutrition wise AND still fitting in some movement and exercise. Sounds impossible, right? Hopefully I can prove you wrong! 

There is one magic trick that will allow you to always win when it comes to nutrition. Planning ahead.

Okay, that's not a magic trick, because it's something we can all do. I know every time I don't plan ahead, I am stuck with limited options, bad choices, and... (dun dun duuuun)... regret. The truth is we can't always control what options we are going to have on vacation, especially when it includes friends or family who may not have the same preferences as we do. We can't control our options, but we can control our choices. So plan ahead! Pack some food for the road, or the plane ride, or even for the trip. 

It really depends on the trip you are going on to determine how you plan ahead, but just for example, when I went to the lake with family a few weekends ago, we stayed in a condo. Full kitchen, stove, refrigerator, the works! With that being the case I literally took an ice chest and any food options I wanted to be sure I had available for the weekend. Did I still have ice cream that weekend? Why yes, yes I did. BUT I had no regret about it, because it was a choice I made, not one that I felt forced to make because I didn't have other options.

Plan ahead. It takes more time, more effort, more packing, but you will feel so confident in yourself and the choices you were able to make for your health while enjoying vacay!

Exercise is another thing that won't happen on vacation unless we plan for it! I have recently heard more conversations about movement. Even if you can't make a workout happen, just try to get movement in your day. If you are in the pool, spend 15 minutes doing laps. If you are shopping, go a few laps around the mall. Try to incorporate movement. 

My go-to for on the go workouts are booty bands! You can get them from a lot of different places in several different resistance strengths. Easy to pack and so easy to use! Of course it is nice when you have access to a gym facility where ever you are vacationing, but for me these have been great regardless of where I have stayed. Not to make you think I am a complete freak, but I will not get on the floor in public places like... well pretty much any place other than home or a gym that has a mat. So the booty bands are perfect because there are plenty of workouts that you can use them with that don't require floor work. If I am traveling by car and have plenty of room, I will take my mat with me so I can do some floor work. Again, it is all based on your trip to know how you can accommodate for exercise.

While I was at youth camp at the beginning of June, you better bet I took my booty bands! Another leader and I would have a nightly booty band workout session. It was perfect! And yes, we did feel some burn the next day. 

 Here are the booty bands featured below:   Target 
(Tone It Up booty bands are only $10, but you can get lots of other brands too.)

Another great way to plan ahead for exercise is downloading a fitness app you enjoy to workout with. Rachel and I both use the Studio Tone It Up App and love it! You can schedule your workout and do it live with thousands of ladies all over the world for more accountability, or you can pick out a class you want to take on demand. There are a TON of other great apps too! Just find one that works for you and go for it.

ONE MORE TIP on exercising on vacation, and this is one that I like to enjoy when I have the opportunity; try a local fitness class. I am a big fan of trying classes in a studio. Pure Barre, Yoga, Boxing, Spin Class, the list could go on and on. If you are traveling to a city there may be a studio class you could try out! Because it is a new place and maybe a new practice, it makes the exercise feel like less work and more like you are just getting out. (See what I did there?)

Let's Review!
1. Plan Ahead
2. Make Your Own Choices
3. Incorporate Movement
4. Find Some Gear
5. Download An App
6. Be Adventurous 

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