Finding Refreshment


We all need it from time to time.

Refreshment literally means to make fresh again; to reinvigorate.

Still sound like a foreign idea? I am sure the ideas of exhaustion, frustration, and surrender don't sound quite as foreign. That's because we all experience those things, but our response should be to run to refreshment rather than to burnout.

We all have different methods of finding refreshment. Some need a mani/pedi with a friend. Others need a hike in solitude. It varies from person to person. But can I tell you something? You will not find refreshment in mentally rehashing all of the overwhelming factors in your life. You will not find resolve in letting your thoughts of weariness consume you. That, my friend, is the fast track to burnout, and honestly, to defeat.

I want to give you two things to consider and take action on today.

First of all, find your refreshment. Figure out what refreshes you. Yes, a spa day would physically refresh anyone, but make sure you find something that refreshes you completely; body, soul, & spirit. Discover methods to relax physically, re-energize internally (emotionally, etc.), and awaken spiritually. I say that because the stress we feel in our backs can get massaged out, but the real cause of the stress may remain internal.

There are times when I know it has been too long in talking with my close friends because I feel... off. I am negative and have a bad attitude. You see, I have identified some of the symptoms when I am lacking in refreshment. I am negative. I have a bad attitude. I get stuck in my head, so to speak. And when those symptoms start showing I know I need to have a good heart to heart with a close friend. Instead of waiting for the symptoms to show, better to catch it before it reaches that point. Which leads to the second thing to consider and take action on.

Stay refreshed. Don't wait until you are ready to throw in the towel. Refresh yourself before you reach that point. Do things regularly that refresh you. I have heard it recommended that you escape occasionally, renew often, and refresh always.

Summer is most definitely here (Hello Oklahoma heat)! For most, summer is filled with family vacations and little getaways, but it is seasonal, right? We can't go on vacation every month, but it is good to go occasionally. Even for a weekend getaway, the scenery change is refreshing. 

Renew often. It may be  monthly or every few weeks, but do something that changes up your schedule; something you can't do all the time, but something you love to do. Go on  an adventure. Do something to renew and refocus. 

Refresh always. There are things you can do intentionally on a weekly basis to stay refreshed. Reading a book may be refreshing for you. But who has time, right? Well if that is what refreshes you be intentional in marking out some time to read. If painting is refreshing, mark out time for that. Nothing gets in your schedule on accident, you have to plan for it.

Living refreshed is not a luxury, it is a way of life available for everyone. Don't let yourself reach the point of burnout and defeat. Do something about it now. And then continue to stay fresh. I promise you will get so much more out of life and continue to walk in peace and grace.

Tell me, what are some things that refresh you?

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