Our Top Picks for this Summer

Here's the deal, we all want to be cool, cute, and comfy during the summer right? But we also don't want to fill our closets, houses, lives (can I get an amen?) with new stuff all the time just to stay on trend or up on the new thing. Plus, I know I always see something else on Instagram that is a "must have". Well today we aren't necessarily sharing "must haves," but our top picks of things that are our go-to's for the summer.

#1 Jumpsuits
Listen. A couple years ago, you could not have convinced me that I could pull off a jumpsuit. But, leave it to Old Navy. You’ll notice that pretty much all of my faves and links are from Old Navy. I know not everyone loves them, but they are my forever go to. I trust them. They pretty much always have the same styles and cuts with varied prints and colors from year to year and they make clothes for women...ya know with curves and such. At least in my experience. I’m not claiming they are the best quality or anything, they just sort of always have my back and they hold up pretty well for their prices. So of course they managed to make a jumpsuit I actually love and use for 3/4 seasons. I have it in a denim wash and also a grey vertical stripe. I love them because they can also be dressed up or down. I usually throw a tank or a fitted tee underneath to change it up and add a bit of coverage.

Here's one that I love: JUMPSUIT

One of my summer classics has got to be linen. ALL things linen. I love that they are so versatile and can easily be dressed up or down and mixed and matched with all sorts of tops. I loved them for teaching in extra hot Mexico because they were comfy and cool but also professional and I am loving them at my new job for the same reason. And let me be real with you ladies, I also don’t love super form fitting clothes, and these are meant to be worn a little oversized :) I usually grab all the neutrals (one in each style) and then a couple fun pops of color. This year I’ve got army green, black, and a denim wash crop pants, long, light gray pants, and black and the denim wash in the shorts as well. I also have a fun coral pair of shorts for fun and I just picked up a bright yellow pair on sale as I was preparing this post!


#3 Target Sandals
While Old Navy tends to be my go-to for summer clothes, Target is for sure my go-to for sandals. They always have basic but cute selection at decent prices. And best of all, they almost always carry over from year to year--which means when I fall in love with a pair and wear them down, I can most likely find something similar or maybe even the same next year! That is good news for this city walking girl! Here are a couple of my favorite styles that I have in one variation or another.

#4 Statement Skirts

My ultimate summer favorite is a good old fashioned sundress. BUT, sometimes I’ve got to change it up. So, I usually scour the Target and Old Navy clearance racks for a few neutral and printed skirts. These are fun to mix and match with whatever tops you have in your closet (so buy accordingly). This way it’s a different outfit every time you wear it even though it’s the same skirt. I usually tuck the shirt and blouse it a bit which often ends up looking like a fun spin on a summer dress. It’s a fun challenge for me to mix and match and see how many outfits I can make with one skirt.

Oh my goodness, Rachel had so many good ones! I am ALWAYS in the mood for a jumpsuit in summer. And those skirts though! BUT I will give you four different go-to's I have for the summer.

#1 Off the Shoulder Tops + Dresses
I think we have all noticed the summer trend... off the shoulder. But I do love it! It has a fun flair to it with just the right amount of retro to it. There are SO many variations, but the dress pictured here is one that I am LOVING.

You can find the dress pictured here.
Here a few more that caught my attention: #1 #2

#2 Straw Handbags
The truth is I do like purses, but I am in NO way a collector of purses. I pretty much get one I love and use it until it is worn out. But this summer these straw purses have me inspired to put forth a little extra effort and "summer up" my look. I don't carry them all the time, but when my outfit warrants the switch I absolutely do! You can see the one I am carrying this summer in the picture below.

Here are two more that I am LOVING from a company I love, Gigi Pip: #1 #2

#3 Bandana Scarves
I am all about those accessories so I love that bandanas are making a cute comeback! There are so many gorgeous ones available too, but I snatched a red one for the summer in preparation for the 4th of July. Gotta think ahead, am I right?

The one in the picture I got at Old Navy, but here are some other gorgeous ones: #1 #2

#4 Platform Sandals
As you can see in the last picture below, I am wearing platform sandals on repeat! This particular pair are ultra comfortable and easy to slide on and off. Not to mention they go with just about everything. And a few inches never hurt anyone! Here is the pair I am wearing plus a few extras.

What are some of your go to's for the summer?? 
Let us know in the comments below!

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