Photo for Thought + 5 Inspiring People Worth Following

Another Monday morning.

I’m thankful that I actually don’t dread Mondays at this point. Of course I don’t really want to wake up, but I enjoy the work i get to go to and the people with whom I spend my days.

I’m trying really hard not to take that for granted. I know it’s not all that common.

I came back to this city to be light. I came here once before not knowing how much darkness lived here. I left, but I couldn’t forget how much this place needed light. So I came back.

Different this time. I wanted to get out of my comfort zone. Spend each day surrounded by people who didn’t know Jesus but needed Him.

So I stepped out of ministry. But actually I stepped into it. More than ever before. Here is the most intentional I think I’ve ever been. More aware of the darkness. More conscious to speak light. Hope. Love. To be those things in my everyday.

But still sometimes I forget. Sometimes life gets busy and the to do list grows and my day to day becomes about tasks and a job to be done.

And then I am thankful for simple-not so subtle-reminders.

At the bust stop. As I begin another day of my everyday.

It doesn’t make sense there by the way. The phrase. I suppose that’s why I did a double take. “Be the light,” at the bottom of a bus schedule. I can’t explain that.

But there it was. Bold and glaring at me. Reminding me of what it is I am to do here.

Be the Light.

5 Inspiring People Worth Following
You know, one great way to stay inspired and even motivated to be the women God created us to be, is putting things before us that will encourage, empower, and keep us inspired. Since most of us are on social media regularly, that is a great place to start! Here are 5 Instagram accounts we find inspiring and keep us moving forward.

Ruth Chou Simons

Cavanaugh James 
(For some major truth bombs + major laughs)

Soul Scripts

Morgan Harper Nichols

Because I'm His

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