Photo for Thought: Don't Buy Fake

People keep telling me to buy fake plants.
Because mine keep dying. In spite of all I try.
Weekly watering.
Weekend sunbathing on the window sill.
Pinterest Research.

I can’t buy fake plants.

I hate fake. Anything and everything fake.

I hate fake flavoring (you know what I’m talking about...those “cherry” flavored candies…). I hated “cherry” for the entire first 22 years of my life. Because I had never had the real thing! I hate fake sugar. The stuff that gets inside your arteries and stays for life. I hate fake coffee...that powdery stuff that they say is coffee… I hate fake friendships and fake kindness and fake religion.

Some of my least favorite words: fake, artificial, pretend

Some of my favorites: genuine, authentic, real

I mean I’m sure that most people don’t love fake--especially when it comes to people or other things that really matter. It might just be me who also loathes it in the form of plants and flavors. But for some strange reason, it’s something that I’m really passionate about.

Especially when it comes to faith. I promise I am going to make this relate to plants.
(For the record, you can always draw a parable from plants. It never fails.)

I think I can’t handle the fake plants because it means that nothing is growing.

I know, I know, it also means nothing is dying and that I am not constantly paranoid about my plant babies...or spending all of my money to replace them….

But here’s the truth. I would rather see brown tipped leaves and wilting stems, because it means that there is a fight for life happening. That oxygen and all the good plant vibes are filling the air around me.

And I can work with that. Even the tough reality of it.

I would rather my friends be a little wilty and dry than fake. I would rather tell you that I’m struggling and ask you to move me a little closer to the Son than to never be alive in the first place.

I hate faking it because it means we aren’t really living. It might be pretty, but there’s no substance--no growth--no forward motion. Sometimes to grow and move forward, we have to wilt a little first. We have to show our browning leaves so that someone who loves us enough will cut them back and help us start growing and thriving again. We have to admit when our soil is dry so that someone will help us find refreshing. We have to be willing to wilt in front of people sometimes so that someone will help us move closer to the sun; to Jesus.

Plants aren’t meant to be fake.

Neither are we.

We are meant to be living, breathing, growing creations that attest to the glory of God. We certainly can’t do that if we’re lifeless in a corner numb to the life we were created for.

So let’s opt for authenticity. Let’s choose to be alive--really alive--whatever that looks like today. Maybe we’re tall and green and thriving, or perhaps we’re a little wilty and dried out. Either way, we’re living, and that means that God can do something with us! Faking it won’t get us anywhere but backed into a corner and it certainly is of no use to a God who shows Himself through our weaknesses and the miracles that he can do through little seedlings who place themselves in His hands.

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