Oh hey!

It’s us again.

 Rachel and Dalayna.

 We’re back and ready to go!

 It’s been a bit. We took a second and a few deep breaths, and we’re excited to do something fresh and fun and totally us. Most of all, we’re excited to connect with all of you again! To share our hearts and our stories and to do this crazy thing called life with you! We hope you’ll jump on board with us and come along for the ride and all of the fun.

 Just to give you a little context in case you’re totally lost right now, we used to be behind The Pearl Press. We spent two years with an amazing group of women--our dear friends--discovering beauty under pressure. It was a joy and an honor, and now it’s time for a refresh.

The core and the heartbeat are exactly the same.The angle and the approach quite honestly, we’re figuring out as we go. What we do know is this: We’re going to keep discovering beauty under pressure. We’re going to keep building community with women of all ages and all stages--with you! We’re going to keep cultivating lives that radiate the glory and the beauty of Christ in us and creating content that radiates it too. We’re going to keep showing up and living out what God has put in our hearts and trusting that He’ll do what He needs to with whatever we place in His hands.

 So what do you say!?
Are you up for it?
Are you in?

 We sure hope so!

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