Summer on a Dime

Coming at you today with some Tuesday Tips for Summer! More specifically, tips for having fun AND saving some mulah this summer. Here are some tips, ideas, recipes, and hashtags!

1. Decide to delete one (or if you’re really brave...ALL) of your streaming apps. Ditch Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video, etc. and challenge yourself to get off the couch and out in the sun for some summer fun! This will save you some cash for a few months (more than you might think) and also free up some time for people and exploring and adventuring. You could potentially save about 10-20/month by canceling for a bit. For fun, keep track of how much you save and treat yourself to something fun at the end of the summer for living up to the challenge! Listen. I love binge watching and zoning out as much as the next girl, but I am not oblivious to the fact that I can waste a lot of life doing so. I know I need to change it up and what better time to give it a try then the sunny summertime! Figured I might invite you gals along for this daring detox! Let us know if you decide to join in, and document your summer of super savings with #FGBSunshineBinge

2.  Learn to make your own cold brew and save some money! Here is a recipe that I’ve used in the past! (Recipe) Not only does it cut down on costs per cup, it’s also sort of fun to always have fresh cold brew ready to go every time you open the fridge! And don’t forget (I always do) to make some coffee ice cubes out of whatever is left in the coffee pot!

I let myself get coffee out once a week and that does a couple of things for me. It gives me something to look forward to, and it makes me want to make it special. I tend to check out a new place and splurge a little more than I would buying it on a daily basis from the same old same old. It’s summertime and I’m so excited to explore my neighborhood and find some new, fun spots and try some of their fun summer spins on the classics! Show us your summer coffee favs with #FGBBrewed

3. Google free/cheap things to do in your area online. Duh. I know. That sounds so simple and obvious. But to be real, I’ve never done it! You’d be amazed at the cool events and happenings you’ll find with not a whole lot of research. Often we think we need to spend a lot of money and travel a lot of miles to have a great time or to make great memories. And more than we’re willing to admit, there’s lots to experience right where we are! Make sure you share with us the fun things you find and check out in your area! #FGBLivingLocal

4. Go a little old school… form a summer club! It can be whatever kind of club you want. Book club, clothing swap club, craft club. Basically, settle on something that you and your friends love to do and make a plan do to it often. And really do it up! Make a motto, a secret password, a pledge, a cool club meeting space... I mean have you seen these things called “She Sheds”? I wouldn’t mind making that my clubhouse! Go club crazy the way that we did way back when!


What are some of your favorite tricks for saving on summer fun?
Let us know in the comments below!

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