Where We're at Wednesday -- Our First Month Back!

It’s sort of funny to see those words together. That was the name of my “column” when I wrote for Brio Magazine back in the day. I’m recycling it here, hope they don’t mind!

Here I am 12 years later still trying to find ways to outlet creatively--to share the goodness of Jesus in the form of writing. To somehow inspire and encourage women to live life fully for Him.

It’s week four! Time is flyin-- I’m sure because we’re having so much fun! That’s really my biggest takeaway from our first month back. This is so much fun! I think I didn’t realize how much I missed this in my life. The creative outlet, the community that comes with it--that we get to create--and the space I have to create in my life to write again!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart. For joining us. For participating in this space. For hearing what we have to say and allowing us to be authentic and live life for Jesus alongside of you. That’s all we ask and pray for. That us living life to the fullest for the sake of Christ will inspire and encourage you to do the same. That together we can survive the pressure, help each other carry the load, and somehow find all of the beauty waiting to be discovered beneath it.

For me, this first month back has been me really fleshing out our identity as a blog + online community. If you have been around here for a while you may have noticed we "rebranded." New name, new look, but the same heart; discovering beauty under pressure. That is one picture that will never leave my mind in anything we put together. But there is a new aspect with this restart that I am growing to value and treasure, the glory and beauty that is in each of our lives.

I am sure we are going to dive more into where "For Glory and Beauty" came from at another time, but I will say the truth of this statement is becoming more and more real in my understanding. God created us all, YOU, ME, for glory and beauty. We may not feel very glorious or beautiful some days, but even our imperfections and weak spots add to the glory and beauty of what God has created and knit together. This is the reason behind changing some of the content that we have been creating. Everything... E V E R Y T H I N G... in our lives is for God's glory. The things we do that go unnoticed, He sees, and we can glorify Him through it. The big things we do, accomplishments, etc. All for His glory. 

He delights in every little detail of our life. He sees you as beautiful. He sees beauty in you among the chaos that may be your life. I have been shown and reminded of this our first month back. God delights in me, so I will delight myself in the Lord, and in EVERYTHING I do, I am giving it my all and giving Him the glory.

What have you been loving most during the first month back? 
What has resonated most with you?

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