Winning this Father's Day

Is it just me or is Father's Day harder than Mother's Day? Well for me it can be challenging to find that one gift that dad is going to love and USE. Of course dad will love whatever he gets, but something he will actually use, that is another story. So I am listing out 3 solid gift ideas for Father's Day this year.

1. Button-up shirts.
So this may sound lame, but I have heard so many good things about the company UNTUCKit. Yes! Button-up shirts that are specifically designed to wear untucked! I know that is something my dad and brother would both love. You can check out their huge selection plus get an extra 25% off anything from UNTUCKit here.

2. A Shaving Subscription
Another company I have heard good things about is Harry's. This is a company that you can design a shaving subscription that fits their needs, including how often to receive a new shipment, how many blades, how many shaving gels, etc. It is 100% customizable, plus you can try it out for Father's Day on a free trial basis. Check out all of the options and if this would be a good fit for your father or husband here.

3. MoviePass Subscription
You may have heard of MoviePass. It is completely taking over the way we watch movies in the theater. It also makes attending a movie almost a no brainer. For only $9.95 a month, it makes a great gift! Plus there is a discounted price when you purchase a yearly subscription. My sisters and I went in together to get this for my brother and he couldn't be happier with it! It makes going to a movie much more affordable for him and his wife, especially when they have the added expense of babysitting when they do get to go. You can see the options for MoviePass here.

Have any Father's Day ideas of your own? We would love to hear! Let us know in the comments below.

This will be the 8th Father’s Day I celebrate without my dad. I can hardly believe that as I’m typing it out, but it’s the truth. I lost my dad pretty suddenly and unexpectedly in January of 2011.
Losing a dad or any sort of a father figure for that matter, or even growing up without one at all, can make Father’s Day a little bit awkward and complicated and maybe even painful.

I get that. I really do. The losing a dad part. Fortunately I had an amazing dad whom I loved to celebrate. I remember that the first Father’s Day without him, I didn’t want to be around anyone. I especially didn’t want to go to church where people would pick me out and want to acknowledge the fact that it was year one without my dad. I didn’t even want my family to call. I just wanted to be alone and be sad and remember him however I wanted to.

If that’s where you’re at, that’s okay. If it’s still very fresh and you don’t want to talk about it and rehash it, then stay at home. Cry a little bit.

But. If you need people, then find them. People will want to support you and they will want to sit through it with you. Let them. It’s going to feel like people stop caring and think you should be over it or that you are. They don’t. They just aren’t sure what to say or do and probably wish you would tell them. So tell them if you’d like.

The point is. Grief is individual and unique. Everyone experiences it differently. So in this case, you do you!

Here are some ways that I’ve celebrated Father’s Day without my daddy through the years.

1. I spent the day at the local butterfly house.
Pretty sure I did this for years 1-3 at least. And I still find my way to one if one is every available! My dad LOVED butterflies. Most of my childhood was spent out in the tall grass with my dad watching them and catching them in our homemade nets. So, any time with butterflies makes me remember him in the sweetest way.

2. I started a journal of memories with him and about him. Something that scared me after a couple of years is that I couldn’t remember him as clearly. Simple things like his laugh or his scent or the sound of his voice. So I got a little journal and any time I remembered something I started writing it down. Because, while time does not heal the wounds, time does give you a new normal and carries you further from him. It’s nice to flip through those pages on days when I feel like I’ve completely forgotten him and he’s completely removed from my life. I try to get it out and write things down any time a little thought or story comes to me. On days like Father’s Day or His birthday, I try to be more intentional about it.

3. I get some cool whip and eat while watching home videos or flipping through photo albums. My dad and I used to love sneaking spoon fulls of frozen cool whip. So pick a shared favorite and enjoy in memory and celebration!

Like I said, grief is the most unpredictable thing. People often don’t know how to approach it from either angle. So if Father’s Day is stressing you a bit, give yourself a minute, take a few deep breaths, and do what you need to do.

But whatever you do, remember that you do still have an all good, all loving Father to celebrate. A Father who loves you deeply and understands your heartache and confusion on this day more than anyone else. I remember not wanting to lean into that because it reminded me in the most painful way that I now needed God to be my Father--that I was without one here. The truth is of course, I had needed Him all along with or without my dad. If you push anyone away, don’t let it be Him. If you invite anyone in, let it be Him.

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