5 Tips for Saving Your Summer Memories

These days it seems like we are always taking pictures. Group pictures, family pictures, solo pictures, food pictures, school pictures, vacation pictures, milestone pictures..... And coming from a girl who has next to no baby pictures, I am kind of okay with it. But when summer rolls around our phones fill up even faster with these snapshots. Many of us will spend the next year trying to remember to print our summer pictures out and display them. But there are only so many pictures you want up in your house and in your office, so Rachel and I put together a few ways you can save your summer memories besides just printing them out... or not printing them out.

1. Photo Book
This is that age old thing that everyone loves. They make amazing gifts, but sometimes we forget to make them for ourselves! You can literally customize it to whatever you want. And I always keep my eye out for sales on my favorite printing sites (Walgreens & Shutterfly) and snag them then.

P.S. Just some insider information, we may or may not be giving away a free 8x10 photo book from Shutterfly for our mid-week giveaway this week. So you may want to watch Facebook and Instagram tomorrow. Maybe.

2. Slideshow Video
I know what you are thinking. "I can't make a video!" Oh but you can! There are so many free and easy apps you can download, upload your images to, add music from your music library and save to view. Just google it! They are there. I personally like to use the IMovie App on my phone and ipad just because I am used to it, but there are probably even better ones out there. 

One fun way to use the slideshow video, plan an end of summer preview night. Maybe set it up like a movie night, popcorn, snacks, pillows, blankets, you know... the works. Gather the family together and watch the slideshow video together, remembering all the fun you had together this summer! I am sure there will be lots of giggles and inside jokes remembered. 

3. Chat Books
I heard about Chat Books a few years back and thought it is seriously simplifying our photo book game. There are lots of options, but the one that I thought was the most convenient was the option to link your Instagram account. Once you set up your account and link up your Instagram, you will get a new book every 60 pictures you post! You can edit captions, rearrange photos, and include the date posted to Instagram. It is just the coolest. And such a fun way to literally tell you and your family's story. 

4. Memory Boxes
I pinned this way (see picture below) back when when Pinterest was still “the thing.” It’s still “the thing” for me, but that’s besides the point. As someone who travels/moves a ton and LOVES to document, I have always LOVED this idea for organizing by place/trip. I love that it adds personality to your space and sort of invites you and others that you welcome into your home to revisit your adventures often. Of course I am always a fan of double duty decor! It’s pretty, fun, and it serves a purpose! It’s certainly way better than stuffing all those photos away in boxes in closets behind winter coats that our great grandkids might uncover someday...And I think it’s extra cool if you frequent certain places as you can just add to it from year to year!

Source: Martha Stewart DIY

It can be as simple as picking up some photo boxes on sale and adding your labels… (here are some cute ones linked below) You can have lots of fun patterns and prints this way or keep it simple! You can grab these at any local craft store and I often find them on sale!

Natural Photo Box
White Photo Box

I know there are also lots of fun options in the “things to paint” aisle. You can find fun wooden boxes, book shaped boxes and lots of other fun things! This is such a fun project to make all your own. Get creative and give it your personality and then display it to share again and again!

In fact...I’m still searching for the perfect way to preserve Israel….it was so special to me and I just can’t find the right way to remember it! In the end, I may go this route-- at least until I have the time to sit down and really put them into something that I love! It’s gotta be better than letting them sit in the cloud!

5. Use Your Photos as Art
This is something that I’ve learned through the years. It’s like the highest compliment on the planet for me when people come into my home and tell me that it’s so “Rachel” or so “homey.” Isn’t that what we’re all going for? A space that people feel at home and welcomed in? I have learned the key to achieving that homey feeling (no matter how much you move or how little you have to work with) is allowing your space to tell your story. So much of that is the photos that we take. I’m a firm believer in documenting trips through your own angles and perspectives. Postcards are great, but they are memories created by someone else. My challenge for you is to take every photo carefully. It’s so easy to just start snapping and taking all of the photos that we think we should. The end result of that is super overwhelming. I’ve found that it’s better to take it all in and then focus on taking photos that capture exactly what I saw and felt in that place and moment.I have a rule: I try not to take or keep photos that I wouldn’t hang on my walls. That’s the goal of photography after all isn’t it!? To capture the experience. So this summer when you’re documenting all the fun, think before you snap. You might find when you’re looking back through those photos that there are some moments you really love and would like to see all of the time! Who needs to buy artwork when you can hang your stories on your walls? There are plenty of fun ways to do just that. Here are a few below.

Photo Canvases
**Hint Hint! Everything for the wall is 40% off in Walgreens photos until July 14! I thought this was a really cool option: Wood Hanger Board Print

Photo Strands
(This is my personal favorite way of displaying memories and telling my story.)

I have literally done this in every place I’ve ever lived in. It only requires some twine and a few nails and the rest is up to you! I keep my photos and little pretties organized by season and I love that I can change it up easily and often!

You might even try a fun combo! Make the fun boxes to store all the fun memories out in the open and change out what you display by season or just whenever you feel like it!

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