How to Master Last Minute Get-Togethers

So have you ever been in that situation where your house is volunteered to be the host of some sort of get together, be it friends or family? And even more straining, when you don't have time to prepare like you would like to? We have probably all been there. Scrambling to get things together, while making sure it is special. I have compiled a list that will make last minute get-togethers a breeze!! And even parties and gatherings you do have prep time for will go so smoothly with these tricks. Since the Fourth of July was yesterday, I will demonstrate with a little Patriotic theme.

Full Discloser: I bought NOTHING for the making of this post other than a watermelon. That's right, I used only things that I already had. Last minute hosting is possible!

1. Go with a theme.
This makes those last minute get-togethers SO much easier. I pick a color or a look I am wanting to try and it helps me stay consistent to that look throughout. Plus I don't get so overwhelmed with all the options when I know what I am looking for. Some get-togethers are already pre-determined based on the holiday and what have you, but even if not, pick out a theme to make decor decisions simple. I would describe this party of 4 theme "Summer feels for the Fourth." 

2. Keep supplies on hand.
This is everything! Seriously I cannot tell you how many times I was having a group over and didn't have time to go get the cute cups + plates + napkins + straws, and all the extra touches. It is so convenient to have a closet or space where you can store these items and pull them out on the fly. Literally got into this closet for a church community group I host at my house this past Monday. No lie.

Even better, when you have a stash like this you save some major $$. If you looked at nearly all of these packages you would see the beloved yellow clearance sticker! When you see a steal of a deal or something you love in that Target $1 bin (the best!), grab it up and save it for when you are in a bind. You will be so glad you did.

3. Use food as decoration.
When I can't go to the store to get flowers for a centerpiece this is my go-to. And it makes perfect sense! The food has to be on the table regardless, so why not use it to add to the overall look? This is a place where you can just have fun with it. I used the watermelon, because who doesn't have watermelon on the Fourth? I used the half not pictured and a small scoop to make the watermelon balls, then filled in with mandarin oranges and blueberries (had to get the blue in there). And just in case you were wondering, yes, the watermelon topper was already in my closet!

4. Fancy drinks are always a win.
The lemonade was another opportunity to put some extra color on the table. So basic with the lemonade, then added ice, a lemon slice on the side, topped with blueberries, and grabbed some straws out of my closet.

5. Only do what is fun.
This is my final tip because this is one thing that we can sometimes get wrong when it comes to hosting or planning a get-together. We can pull a Martha and be so busy stressing over the details that we miss out on the point of it all -- relationship. Just because you are the host doesn't mean you don't get to engage in community along with all the other guests. If you are getting overwhelmed with the details, take a step back and remember you are why your guests are there. They want to sit with you, talk with you, spend time with you. If you have a choice between fancy place settings and quality time with your guests, go with the quality time. Because after your guests have left you put away all the "things" and what the table looked like won't be so important any more. But the relationships built, those will still be there.

Happy Hosting!

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