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A couple of weeks ago I shared about the halfway point in 2018 and some of the goals I made at the start of this year (you can read that here). Well, actually more the themes I had chosen to work through. Some of them I am still working hard at, others have sort of come naturally. See what I did there?

One of the word focuses I chose for this year was organic/natural. I wanted to be intentional about integrating more natural products into my everyday life. It’s funny now looking back at my childhood, I can see that this is obviously how I would end up. It’s not like I grew up with “hippie parents” by any means (though my dad did always have me out catching butterflies in the wildflowers as a kid…) What I’ve been able to piece together about my childhood is that I was never into anything fake or unrealistic. I’ve also shared a bit about this before on the blog, so now I suppose you’ll see how they all come together. I didn’t like barbies or Harry Potter or Polly Pockets because they all seemed so unrealistic to me. I wanted dolls that seemed the most like real babies and only allowed my parents to buy actual baby items for them. I read books about famous missionaries and lots of autobiographies or books inspired by true stories. I’ve just always been about what’s the most real and authentic. Of course it wasn’t until I was much older that I was able to pinpoint that.

So of course it follows that I want the same in my grown up life--the most authentic things I can find. I will say, there are many things that don’t exactly thrill me about my generation, but one trend I’m thankful for is a trend toward organic and healthy living. It sure does make it a lot easier and more accessible to lead a healthy and natural life!

For me it started with food. A trainer who taught me how to eat from the earth-to shop the outside edges of the grocery store--to read labels. To put the best and most natural things in my body. From there it stemmed to essential oils whenever I could help it, and now I’ve navigated into lots more sectors of the natural living trend. It’s been slow and I add a couple more areas and/or products each month. It’s been fun to experiment and find the ones that I like the best. I’ve decided today to share some of my favorites with you.

**Disclaimer. This post is not meant to pass judgement on anyone who happens to like Harry Potter and/or Polly Pockets and/or hydrogenated oil and refined sugars.. We love you wherever you’re at, girl! This is simply my personal journey and where I’ve landed and I’ve decided to bring it to you as a simple share of something that I’m passionate about :)

READ LABELS. One thing that my dear friend Heidi taught me is that the less ingredients the better. If you flip over a package and there's a super long list filled with lots of words you don’t know, it’s probably not very simple or natural.

Sugar is in EVERYTHING. Literally. This is something I absolutely did NOT realize. But many of the everyday items that we consider “healthy” are actually packed with sugar. It often masquerades under other names, but look for it. What I’ve learned is that I’d rather let most of my food be free of the stuff so that I can indulge a little bit and not feel so bad about it.

Shop the outer edges of the grocery store (avoid lots of packaging). The things that come straight from the earth are usually along the outer edges of the stores and not in cans and boxes. If you stick there, you might be able to avoid picking up too much of the junk.

While living in Mexico, I had a few rough run ins with pharmacies and medications that made things much worse than when I went in originally. I had a friend who sold essential oils and was very passionate about teaching people to integrate them into their everyday lives. I decided to take a risk and I’ve never looked back. I use those bad boys for everything!

Here are some of the areas where I’ve personally seen them be incredibly effective:

-flu relief and prevention
-car sickness/nausea
-extreme muscle pain/injury/spasms
-menstrual cramps
-hormone help
-sun protection
-anti aging
-air purifying
-immune boosting
Toothbrush/Toothpaste I’ve started using bamboo or wooden toothbrushes that are environmentally friendly and help me use less plastic.. These are surprisingly easy to find in several stores or even just on Amazon Prime. I’ve also switched to a natural toothpaste. Right now I’m using Trader Joe’s brand and I love it and it’s affordable. Can’t beat that!

This year I got a lot more into skin care. Perhaps it’s because thirty is approaching rather quickly! Of course I wanted to move into the natural side of things as much as possible. Thankfully these days, there is so much to choose from in this area in particular!

I’ve used Bare Minerals for as long as I’ve worn makeup and always really loved it. I love that it’s light and feels like I’m not wearing makeup but gives me a ton of coverage (I have super pink/red skin and so I do need coverage). It’s also all natural, so win win. Something I’m looking to find/try are more natural eye shadows and mascaras. Any recommendations would be much appreciated!

I’m totally on the mask train. I LOVE putting on a mask on a Friday night with some music and cleaning my place...or enjoying one on a Saturday morning when all of the hard work is done. There are so many cool and inexpensive, organic masks to use! Now that I’m back in Seattle I love checking out little local shops and finding locally and naturally made products. See what you can find where you live and let us know! But when all else fails, Walgreens and Target have great selections too! Some of my favorites here are:

Moon Valley Organics (local to me but available online)

Burt’s Bees


I love love love Burt’s Bees. They’ve been around forever and I’ve always loved them, so it’s nice that they fit into this new little quest of mine. They’ve expanded a lot over the years and I can pretty much count on them to have a version of every natural beauty product I might want or need. My favorite are the tinted lip stains. They work just like chapstick and feel minty fresh, but they have lovely tints that seem like lipstick. You can’t go wrong with that! They’ve come out with a bunch of colors since I started using them! Some of my favorite shades are:

Peony (spring/summer)
Plum (fall/winter)

Fig (all the time)

Watermelon (spring/summer)

Rhubarb (spring/summer)

Deodorant. This one has been a challenge for me. I’ve never been one to sweat like crazy, but it turns out that deodorant has been a huge part of that. This is particularly important for me as I’ve read a lot about harmful chemicals in traditional deodorants and how dangerous that can be especially in relation to placement on the body. Anyways, I’ve struggled to find one that I really love or that I feel is really effective the way that I want/need it to be. Recommendations welcomed here also. I’ve tried doTERRA’S which is fine and I’ve also tried Desert Essence which is not the best in my case.

Makeup removing wipes. Here’s the thing. I will NOT consistently take my makeup off every night unless I have wipes. I don’t know why, it just is what it is. So I’ve had a lot of fun experimenting and I’ve found a lot of brands that I really love.


Burt’s Bees


Here are some of my favorite natural shampoos, conditioners, and body washes:
Love Beauty and Planet

OGX (I’ve tried just about every single set of these and I’ve loved them all! Current favorites are the coconut curls and the lavender for blondes)

*Both of the above brands also carry body wash and lots of other products like lotion and other hair care products as well.


Trader Joe’s



Eventually I would love to start making my own home and cleaning products. Key word there is, eventually. I am not there quite yet and so for now I’m taking baby steps. Here are some of my favorite brands and products.

Mrs. Myer’s (peony)

Mrs. Myer’s (peony)



*there are a lot of off brand less expensive options here that are still really great!

My Top Brands

Burt’s Bees





Trader Joe’s 


Mrs. Meyer's



Love Beauty and Planet

Moon Valley Organics


Bare Minerals

Just a little tip. A couple of surprising places that you can find ALL of these sorts of things are Trader Joe’s and TJ Max. Both of these stores have a wide range of natural products at very reasonable prices. Trader Joe’s carries their own line of natural food, health, beauty, and home products and TJ Max very often brings in more expensive lines at extremely discounted prices!

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