Photo for Thought: Community


We all need it. We all want it. But it can be difficult to cultivate. Many things present themselves as a challenge to community. Busyness. Vulnerability. Shame. Perception. Communication. But as we often hear, challenges can actually present opportunities. Cultivating community is a challenge, but it presents a great opportunity.

It presents the opportunity to slow down. Take inventory of what is important, and make an investment in that. 

It allows us to be vulnerable, and by doing so, give others liberty to be vulnerable as well. 

Community drives out shame as we allow others to know us, mess and all, and love us and we learn to do the same.

Community forces us to let go of all our perceptions. You know what I am talking about... “I bet she thinks this,” or “She probably talks about that.” Those nasty assumptions that we all have that only shove us further into hiding. 

Community opens the door for communication. To express ourselves in a safe place that we know we will be met with grace and goodness. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Yes, we all need a place like that. We all need that safe place to go to, break down the barriers, and be ourself knowing we will come out even better, stronger, and more like Christ. There is a place like this for you. Rachel and I pray this can be one of those places for you. You’re always welcome here.

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