Summer Movie Night Guide

When it comes to a fun night with friends or family (... or your dog! haha!) you can't go wrong with a movie night! Of course you can always opt for a night out to see a movie, especially if you have the Movie Pass, amen hallelujah! But for a night in an at home movie night is the best! Plus you save some $$, have more hangout time, everyone HAS to share their snacks, and no one is going to shhh you for laughing too loud... well maybe. You know your people. 

A few weeks back our friend Crystal shared how her family does movie nights, by setting up a "drive-in movie" in their living room. It was the cutest idea! You can read about that on question #6 here.

Romantic Comedy: 
I Feel Pretty
13 Going On 30
Bride Wars
The Princess Bride

Hunger Games
Pirates of the Caribbean
The Italian Job

Baby Mama 
Florence Foster Jenkins
Devil Wears Prada
You Again

Jurassic Park
Hidden Figures
Anne of Green Gables

Les Miserables
Newsies (The on stage production!)
Phantom of the Opera
Into the Woods
La la Land
The Sound of Music

Funny Face
(Pretty much Audrey Hepburn anything!)
Summer Stock
The Wizard of Oz
Little Women

Fantastic Mr. Fox (you’ll either love it or hate it)
Meet the Robinsons
Despicable Me
Toy Story
Ice Age
Land Before Time
A Bug's Life
Monsters Inc.

I Am Jane Doe

Here’s the thing, Movie Night doesn’t have to be a reason to eat junk food. Part of living a healthy lifestyle as opposed to diet hopping, is finding ways to incorporate healthier choices into every aspect of our lives. Rather than depriving ourselves, we find things that we truly love to replace the junk. That way, there is no cheating, just regular life with the healthy treats that we learn to love. I challenge you to experiment and try new things--find the food and snacks and treats that you’ll actually keep around! We wanted to share some of our favorite treats for Movie Nights to help you get started!

Rachel's Picks

Homemade Popcorn
Guys, I was missing out! Believe me when I say, this is the simplest, healthiest, cheapest, most delicious way to do popcorn. A bag of the stuff is about $2 and you can grab it from just about anywhere...I think even the dollar store! Simply cover a pot with some olive oil, spread a layer of the kernels over the bottom, and let the magic happen! You’ll definitely want to have a lid nearby and move it continuously as it pops to avoid burning. Sprinkle with sea salt and serve warm! I’ll never go back to the microwave stuff. Who am I kidding...I don’t even own a microwave! 

Here are some fun popcorn servers to have on hand: Popcorn Containers

Dried (all natural) Fruit
This is a sweet treat without all of the fake sugar! Some of my faves are:
-Just Mango (Trader Joe’s) 
-Soft, Juicy Mandarins (Trader Joe’s) 
-Apricots (Trader Joe’s) 

Extra Dark Chocolate
Actually pretty good for you, way less sugar, and YUM! 
My Favorite: Lindt’s 90% Cocoa
(I taste buds have changed. I don’t even like milk chocolate anymore!)

Trail Mix: (mix n’ match)
The great thing about trail mix is that you can get creative and make it however you want! Here are some of my favorite mixes. I tend to stick to the raw, unsalted nuts to keep it as clean and healthy as possible!
-Cashews-Almonds-Golden Raisins 
-Macadamias-Almonds-CoCoa Nibs
-Pecan Halves-Cashews-Almonds-(unsweetened) Banana Chips

Dalayna's Picks
Halo Top
I am sure you have heard of Halo Top, but in case you haven't it is an ice cream with natural ingredients, sweetened with stevia, low calorie and high protein. Oh, and it is delicious! 
(available in dairy and non-dairy) 

Skinny Pop
If you are looking for a low carb option for popcorn, this is about as low as it gets! Non GMO, gluten free, preservative free, and no artificial flavors. 

This is a brand of bars from Aldi's (any Aldi lovers out there?). I get the low carb line of Elevation bars and I have never had one I didn't like. My favorite is the Carmel Nut. Literally tastes like a candy bar.

Done. The salted caramel chocolate bars or everything. They're are lots of options and all SUGAR FREE! They are sweetened with stevia and you will be shocked how yummy they are! But you MUST try the salted caramel. I would not lead you astray.

Homemade Pizza
So for a heavy food option, rather than ordering delivery pizza, make your own. If you are having a movie night with the family the kids would love to top their own personal sized pizza! I personally make fathead pizza (recipe) and it is the perfect movie night meal.

Have a fun Movie Night!
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