Summer Picnics 101

What says summer more than picnics in the park? It is the perfect activity for kids, friends, family, significant others... everyone loves them! And it can be as simple as you want or as extravagant as you want. One super convenient aspect to picnics is being able to put them together on a whim. Having a difficult day with the kids? Want to do something fun and spontaneous with the husband? With a few supplies on hand you can make it happen. Today I am sharing a few ways you can be picnic ready within minutes! 

Picnic baskets are one thing, for me at least, that I wouldn't naturally have on hand, so maybe it is the same for you. The good news is once you find one you love you can have it pre-packed and ready to go. This is probably going to be the biggest investment you make for picnics, but it is for the most part a one time investment, so you want to get what you like. Here are some of my favorite baskets and options to use for your basket that are practical, pretty, or all inclusive.

I love this option because it is gorgeous, it is handmade, AND it provides sustainable income for women in East Africa. All of their profits go back into projects they partner with to help empower women and children. They currently partner with The Women's Teen Challenge Center in Kenya, Suubi House in Uganda, and summer camps for Syrian refugee children in the Middle East.

Many of you may have been introduced to Thirty One at one time or another. There are many dupes of their utility totes, but I love their quality and the fact that you can customize them with embroidery. I have used the utility tote for so much! They have a large and a small version, but I usually just throw everything into a large one to grab and go.

Who else is LOVING this brand at Target? This is just another example of how Magnolia does all the things beautifully! 

Looking for more of an all inclusive option? Here is a great value with service for two.

Another all inclusive option with a cute flair! 8-piece set with service for two.

We all want a cute blanket for picnics, but we also don't want to ruin our cozy ones from home. For that reason I actually like to use table cloths! They are thinner and the material doesn't usually pick up so much from the ground. Again, if you have one specific for your picnics you can have it folded and stored in your picnic basket so you are ready anytime. 

This is like the one pictured. I really love round blankets/tablecloths for picnics and for only $10 you can't go wrong! 

If you want to go the blanket route, I do love these picnic blankets that easily and neatly roll up and stow. There are lots of options as far as colors and prints, but most are just $20.

Grub & Storage
The food side of things is pretty simple, pick everyones' favorites! Finger food heaven is what I imagine, but you may want to step things up if planning a date night. I chose the basics: veggies, cheese, peanuts, cheese chips, guacamole, and Health-Ade Kombucha. But you do you!

Storage is something to consider, especially since you may be picnicking in an area without a trash can assessable. For that reason here are some other good options that limit waste:

Mason jars are a good option for storage and of course reuse-able! You could use them for storage or drinking cups. Our friend Crystal shared a good tip on using mason jars for drinks in her Family Night post with us. Simply cover the mouth of the jar with a cupcake liner and insert a straw to prevent bugs from getting in your drink. Genius! 

I love this option as well. There are many versions of this idea, but I think Stasher Bag has pretty much mastered the silicone reuse-able storage bag. I have read reviews on others and found many dissatisfied with other brands. These can be a little pricey to get started, but you can use them over and over and are easy to clean.

We want to see how you picnic! 
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