The Great Juggling Act

Moms wear a lot of hats. A lot is required and expected of them, not even considering all that they may require and expect of themselves. It is hard stuff! Today we are talking with Jordan Harrison who can totally relate! She knows what it is like to throw owning and running her own business into the mix of family. She can speak to all you mommas out there doing the same, or thinking about starting a business.

Question 1: Tell us about yourself!

A: My name is Jordan Harrison. I’m a wife, momma to 3 beautiful babies, Jesus follower, and a lover of coffee.

Question 2: How and when did J Bae Boutique get started?

A: We got started in February of 2015 with a HUGE leap of faith. I’ve always been creative and I took something that was a passion of mine and decided to put it out there and prayed people loved it!

Question 3: What is the biggest thing you have learned as a business owner?
A: That it takes A LOT of work. To keep pushing through every season and not give up.

Question 4: What do you love most about owning and running J Bae Boutique?
A: The customers by far. Meeting and getting to know customers and their stories is so rewarding!

Question 5: How do you manage a business and a household at the same time?
A: This wasn’t always easy for me. But I finally realized that I had to make a set schedule of working and make it a priority to stick with it. Often there are times that J Bae is more demanding than others but I have to choose to stay focused on my family first, which means lots of VERY late nights so I make sure I’m present while my kids and husband are awake.

Question 6: What has been the biggest struggle for you in managing both home and business?
A: Balancing it all. It’s easy to let an at home business that is ran by only you to take up all your time. But keeping the order in how God intended it to be will prove to be worth it.

Question 7: What advice would you give moms who are also running a business or are considering starting a business?
A: Don’t give up!! A lot of times we can throw in the towel when we don’t see immediate results. But if you are creating or doing something that you are passionate about and not just doing it for a dollar, then keep pushing through. Owning a business is a lot harder than working an 8-5 job, so don’t be discouraged and continue to pursue what you're passionate about!

Question 8: What is something you want us to know about J Bae Boutique? Anything recently added or coming soon that we need to know about?
A: The thing I love most about J Bae is that everything we do start to finish is handmade. Our heart and soul goes into every piece and we LOVE everything we release to our customers.
I know how busy life can be {especially for moms!} so we actually just introduced an Earring of the Month Club! At the first of every month the new product released ships directly to you with an EXCLUSIVE gift just for subscribers. So you never miss out!

So how many of you mommas out there are also running a business? Have any questions for Jordan? Drop them in the comments below!

Also be on the look out for a giveaway from J Bae Boutique! It's going to be GOOD! 


  1. What method did you use to get your products noticed in order to generate business?

    1. Hi Shanon! We strictly started off with social media and word of mouth by others falling in love with our products first hand!
      The best way to get your items to sell is making quality items that customers love themselves. In return they’ll tell all their friends!

  2. What were some of the reasons you started your own business compared to just working an 8-5 job?

    1. Hi Sara! I actually have worked an 8-5 job since I was a teenager! I juggled both an 8-5 job and J Bae for 3 years before quitting to solely focus on the boutique. After having our last baby and my husband going full time into the ministry, I sought lots of wisdom from God in taking the leap to focus on only J Bae from home. The doors aligned and opened for me to do the change so I just jumped right in.

      In making the switch I would say I work more now than an 8-5, but I have more time spent with my babies that I’ll never be able to replace!

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